Power, Fashion, & Boots

December 18th, 2012

I am honored that National Review Online named me to the list of most fashionable women in politics—a nice surprise to be included.

What wasn’t a surprise is that in the article rising star fashion designer, Bradley Scott, said I need some “spark” and that I should go to the “next level of power dressing.”  There is no doubt that he’s correct, but how do I do that?

The toughest part for me is that I’m frequently on television where anything I’m wearing is only featured from the waist up.  It’s a shame because to me the most powerful part of my ensemble right now are stockings, shoes, and boots—which is currently my favorite part of my wardrobe.

My boots make the biggest statement about me.  I feel like they reflect who I am.  My boots are made for walking and kicking ass.  They look like Bond girl boots. I could fit a gun, knife, and throwing stars in them, but who needs a weapon because my heels are the weapon—perfect for fashionable ball kicking.

I know that my words spark all kinds of comments and make powerful points. Some people love me and some people hate my guts—I know that.  Either way, I try to be sure that what I say is never boring.  So should I dress to match my personality?  I didn’t realize until the article came out how often I wear dresses—just about every day.  Is that really right for me?  Also, I wear a Celtic charm every day and no other jewelry.  Maybe I should spice it up or maybe simple jewelry makes a bigger statement. Whatever I do with the rest of the outfit, I think the boots will always be the signature piece for me.

In the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, almost all of the shots of the clothes begin with the shoes or boots.  Wonder Woman’s boots are definitely the epitome of power in that outfit—power red and shiny—I wish I had a pair.

For me, fashion is a top priority.  It creates a first impression for anyone we meet.  Unfortunately, on television, it really isn’t a full impression because you’re usually at a desk or just in a head shot. As I continue in television, I hope to follow on Bradley Scott’s advice and add that “spark.”  Whatever I do, I know that it will include awesome boots.  They make a powerful statement, and I want that to be my signature.  In the future, I want to do something memorable because fashion good or bad is always remembered.


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    Do your feet hurt from kicking so much ass?!