Post Office Fashion? Looks Like UPS Brown Should Be the New Black

February 20th, 2013

Feds in fashion?  When I woke up this morning and read that the U.S. Postal Service announced that they will be selling a new clothing line called “Rain, Heat, Snow,” I thought it was either a hilarious typo or I was actually still asleep and just having a really bizarre dream.

Give me a break.  The Postal Service, which is billions of dollars in debt and one of the least fashionable places on Earth, wants to sell “smart clothes”?

Oh yeah, that’s really gonna fly.  I can’t think of anything more uncool than wearing something from the post office.  No offense but postal workers have terrible outfits.  I’m especially not a fan of the long shorts with the high socks and the pith helmet.  I admire the Boy Scouts, but their outfits should not be worn by grown men and that’s what the Postal Service “summer line” for employees looks like.  What make you think they can do better just because they’re trying to sell something to the public?

Unfortunately, the only thing the Postal Service is associated with besides delivering mostly bills and lots of catalogs for things you don’t really want or need is people going crazy because the work is so mundane and terrible.

Maybe we should just make brown the new black.  Let’s get rid of the USPS and let UPS take over mail delivery.  Heck, it’s only one letter change and they already deliver stuff on time.  Makes perfect sense.

The USPS has a great tradition going back to the founding of the country. Too bad it just couldn’t maintain that great tradition in part because of the unions.  As usual, anything that unions get involved with these days goes broke and fails.  When are we going to learn that the government can’t run a business?

This is just a stupid idea which unfortunately was announced on the day George Washington signed the Act establishing the USPS.

The only way I can see this succeeding is if they just sell t-shirts with phrases like “Let’s Go Postal” or “Hey Ladies!  Have I Got Mail for You!” Nah—there is no saving this bad idea.

USPS is a billion dollar failure.

So, what can brown do for you?

Hopefully, deliver your mail on time.

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  1. JACK
    Posted Feb 22 2013 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    Who in the hell wants to look like a postal worker???? Only people getting dressed up for a robbery or taking over a postal truck for the weekend. HOW STUPID