Pool Table is Gone—Let the Art Begin

May 6th, 2015

I’ve learned a lot from my husband, Paul, and one thing is that it’s nice to have beautiful art around.  Paul is a sculptor and painter.  Yesterday was a big day because I was finally able to get the pool table removed from our Los Angeles home, and it’s a huge improvement. The space will now be an art studio for Paul.

Soon it will be a place where he can cook then paint, sleep then sculpt, play the piano then paint, and watch Jeopardy then sculpt again.

I believe in good energy and Feng shui.  When the pool table was removed it was like a cloud was lifted and now the sun shines on the space.  Feng shui is harmony.  I believe that your surroundings really make a difference in how you feel.  Ultimately that affects how you interact with people and how you accomplish your work.

Paul's new home art studio.

Paul’s new home art studio.

We have a beautiful window in New York City with an amazing view.  In Los Angeles, we enjoy a wonderful twenty-seven foot terrace.  The light and energy there is good. Opening up the area and getting rid of the pool table made a huge difference, and it’s lovely.  When Paul moves art into the space, it will be even better.  It’s truly amazing what one change in a room can make.

I highly advise for everyone to take a look around their home or office and see if there is an albatross, anvil, or dead weight there.  Then be bold and make a change.

As I’ve written before, the pool table was a negative for me from day one.  Paul had reservations at first, but now that it’s gone, he agrees and is completely happy.

I always have flowers and candles around which is an easy way to make a big difference in an otherwise drab space.  A new coat of paint is an inexpensive change that can really alter a room for the better.  And don’t be afraid to use color.  A bright color with crown molding is a classic look that works every time.  Later, when you’re ready to sell, paint everything a neutral color. Not everyone will love your taste (in other words not everyone has good taste), so you may need to tone things down for resale.  Don’t let that discourage you, however, from having what you want in the space while you’re there.

Moving furniture around a bit can also help.  We moved the couch just a foot and it opened up the studio area to make the living area cozier and better.  It also made the room more balanced.

The bottom line is that your surroundings can make a huge difference in your quality of life so embrace what makes you feel good.  It is your world so do what you can to make it as beautiful, pleasant, and inspiring as possible.

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