Pinot, Pasta, & Parties—A Preview!

April 11th, 2017


It’s almost here!

Paul and I wrote a book, Pinot, Pasta, & Parties.  It comes out on April 18th which is just one week away so I thought I’d give a shameless plug to everyone I know and many I don’t know.

Anyone even remotely familiar with me knows that I like to have fun.  Why not?  It’s certainly better than the alternative.  Getting married changes life quite a bit.  For me, it’s been amazing except for one thing.

I must live in Los Angeles. Fortunately, I don’t have to be in L.A. all the time, but I do have to be there quite a bit with Paul being a movie star and all.

So, the no friends, no career life got me thinking about what I could do to bide my time in LaLaLand.  Writing a book made sense so we got that moving, made a deal, and then wrote the book.

Initially, I was writing a book called Pinot, Pasta, & Politics, but schedules changed and suddenly the book was coming out after the election.  Consequently, we thought it best to change the title to include “Parties” even though I still reference politics quite a bit in the book.

Here’s a little sneak preview.

It’s an entertaining book with both of us telling stories and cooking up a storm.  Paul is a great cook and has been cooking since he was twelve.  Me?  I’ve been making reservations since I was twelve (ten if you count ordering out).

Lucky for me, I’ve been learning to cook from the master.  Paul is very proud of his Italian heritage and what I’ve learned from him is that Italians are all about the food.  Everything revolves around food.  I would never think of this as a way of life prior to marrying Paul, but now I get it.

The book isn’t all about cooking and that’s where I come in.  My Scot-Irish roots served me well by inspiring me to create special cocktails for every chapter in the book.  I’ve personally named them all.  For example, there is the Goodfella, which is a very strong drink as you might expect.  Then again, they’re all pretty strong except for a couple but this one wins the Ironman competition.

Another drink is called the Musket Ball.  It’s made with bourbon and naturally includes a big round ice cube.  We have another drink called The Hollywood Star which is pretty and a bit fruity.  That sounds about right, don’t you think?

Paul’s recipes are old school.  He says that original Neapolitan cooking is very difficult to find.  His recipes, however are the real thing, folks.  Nevertheless, we do throw in some curveballs with lots of experimenting along the way.  I tend to be the more adventurous one.  Paul is more of the traditionalist.

I’ve always admired my blogger partner for writing a book called Comeback Moms.  Everyone should check it out.  Now I’m joining her in the ranks of author.

Our book really is beautiful. The team did a great job putting it together, but boy it was lots of working getting to publication.  Will there be more books?  Maybe because now we know better what to do.  Then again, maybe not.  We are very happy with our creation so perhaps we’ll quit while we’re ahead.  But for now, we can celebrate our book and know that we’ve created something together that we’ll always have.

The book comes out everywhere next week, but you can buy it on Amazon now at

Cheers & Salute!