Pence Wins Easily as Kaine Conveys “Hate Me—Not Hillary” Message

October 5th, 2016

I’ve known Governor Mike Pence for a very long time so I knew for a fact that he’d be a very solid debater, and he was last night.

It’s pretty clear that Pence won when the Democrats are saying that the VP debate doesn’t really matter and that Tim Kaine won because he was a martyr for portraying himself as worse than Hillary Clinton—uh yeah.

At least when the Trump debate happened, I called it honestly and noted that Trump certainly missed some opportunities but at least had the right message.  I’ll also predict that Trump will win the next debate because something he does very well is recalibrate. During the primaries, each time he’d fall back a bit he took a hard look and came out swinging the next time around.  Then he’d win.

That’s how Donald Trump has conducted his campaign up to this point.  He’s a true builder.  If he sees any holes in the plaster, he repairs them and then builds something bigger and better.  He patches up anything in the paint or floor and then creates something truly impressive.  That’s what he’ll do Sunday night which is why Hillary Clinton is going down in the next debate.

Mr. Trump is new to this POTUS debate stage so there is an adjustment he needs to make that isn’t the same for a career politician like Hillary Clinton.  Now that he knows what he’s in for I predict he’ll be a wrecking ball to the shantytown Hillary Clinton proposes to build in this country. Meanwhile, we can all feel confident that he’ll build the great country he says he will with the tools and amazing skills he as to do it.

The VP debate sets Trump up nicely for the next stage, and I knew it would.  What I didn’t expect was how weird and wacky Kaine was going to be.  It was very appropriate that yesterday was National Taco Day because I just kept envisioning Tim Kaine’s head on that little Chihuahua dog from the Taco Bell commercials.  He came across as very unstatesmanlike and annoying, but now the Dems desperate spin machine is saying that this was all part of some great strategy!  Ha—right.  Also, some are suggesting that it was bad for Mike to look so good because it makes Trump look bad.  Ha-okay.  They’re also saying that Mike didn’t defend Trump which is ridiculous because Mike praised Trump throughout the debate while Kaine acted like the third grader who points and name calls and who none of the other kids like.

Kaine’s behavior was truly bizarre.  Let’s keep in mind that this debate is supposed to make us feel better about who might follow if the person at the top of the ticket can’t serve out their term.  Also remember that Hillary’s health has been an issue.  Kaine made it very difficult for anyone to feel good about the prospect of him leading the nation.

Some of my fellow Hoosiers will not like me saying this, but I think Kaine was as bad or worse than Dan Quayle.  While Quayle appeared occasionally like a deer caught in the headlights during his debate in the 1988 campaign, Kaine came across as such an annoying jerk that it’s really a wonder he’s even in this position.

The Democrats know that Pence won which is why they’re spinning as hard as they can.  Doesn’t Hillary look great next to her miserable VP candidate is really not a good strategy.  Remember that Trump had the good judgment to choose Pence while Hillary selected a hack and henchman and not even a good one. From the start, Kaine came across as a mutation between the class clown and class bully.  In the end, people don’t respect the former and hate the latter.  That’s not a winning recipe for a VP candidate.

It would be easy to take a page from the Howard Dean playbook and suggest that perhaps Kaine’s antics were drug induced, but no.  Kaine really did his clown act all on this own.  This debate certainly saved Dan Quayle from being the worst VP candidate debater in history, and as a girl from Indiana, I’m very happy to see Tim Kaine make two Hoosiers look better.  That would be Dan Quayle who actually was VP and Mike Pence who will be.

Democrats can whine, spin, and lie all day but in the end Mike Pence won.

This all sets the stage quite nicely for Donald Trump this Sunday.  I am so proud of Mike Pence, and I look forward to the next debate when Trump will soundly defeat Clinton and takes back the momentum.

Congratulations Governor Mike Pence and GO TRUMP!

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