Pence for President!

May 13th, 2014

We are months away from the 2014 midterm elections but what is being discussed the most is who will run for president in 2016.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton appears to be the anointed one.  Still, anything could happen.  Remember back in 2008 when she seemed to be invincible only to be defeated by a new guy few people had ever heard of who had just recently arrived in Washington.  In other words, anything can happen.

Still, we can assume for planning purposes that it will be Hillary this time around.  That leaves all the drama on the GOP side of the equation. Currently, the so-called power brokers are all vying to get their favorite a stronghold on the top spot.  It’s a fascinating process.  When Governor George W. Bush ran, I knew very early that he was the right choice at the right time. These last couple of elections, I haven’t been so sure.

This time it’s absolutely clear to me who Republicans should nominate and that’s Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.

Yes, I know he’s not as well-known as Jeb Bush or Rand Paul, but remember that Bill Clinton was a little known governor from Arkansas when he ran.  Few knew Barack Obama when he appeared on the scene.  History is full of presidents who came to the White House seemingly from out of nowhere.

Being someone fresh and new on the scene is probably a good thing.  That’s what makes Mike Pence so unique.  While few know him now, he has far more experience at the national level than either Bill or Barack, and they both went on to win. As a former congressman who is now a sitting governor, Pence knows how the legislative branch works while having executive experience.  Arguably, that’s the best combination to make an effective president.

Mike is also quite media savvy having hosted a popular radio and television program in Indiana.  With Pence, you won’t have any of those Biden botch ups to contend with.

Also, unlike Bill Clinton, Mike is a rock solid devoted family guy.  Don’t expect to read any sultry stories about Mike Pence.

I’ve known Mike Pence and his wife Karen (who is very sweet and kind) for many years.  I know he is a good solid patriotic hard working American.

Best of all in my book, he’s a Hoosier.

Right now there is a lot of DC fatigue across America.  Pence offers the best of both worlds.  He has worked in DC so he doesn’t need training wheels but he’s spent so much time in Indiana that he doesn’t have Potomac fever either.

Mike is very down to earth and always will be.  He has the perfect demeanor to take on Hillary.  He’s a solid governor and is the perfect person to take on the controversial sullied former senator.

On Fox News, I’ve promoted Pence three times for president.  Each time, I get push back and some skepticism.  One well-known host even said, “I like your governor but there is no way he can win.”  After talking to this respected host a few more minutes, he gave it some thought and decided that maybe he’d spoken too soon.

I believe that the more America gets to know Mike Pence, the more they’ll like him.

President Pence.

It has a nice ring to it.

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