Paulie, the Piano, and the Pool Table

January 22nd, 2015

Our first day back in Los Angeles after the big train adventure went great.  The warm sunny weather is a welcome change to what New Yorkers are dealing with right now.

Our beautiful piano.

Our beautiful piano.

We began the day at Café Med where I ordered a seafood salad while Paul enjoyed his Italian meat and cheese thing.  It’s literally a plate of meat and a plate of cheese.  Doesn’t really work for me, but he loves it.

Errands included grocery shopping.  My husband is a true chef so we visited two grocery stores.  He only buys the freshest ingredients, and his favorite store is Bristol Farms.

Everywhere we went throughout the day, we heard the same thing.  It was, “Hi Paul,” or “Hey Paulie, good to see you back!”  I didn’t think my husband could be more popular than he is in New York City, but I may be wrong about that.

With shopping done, we came home loaded down with lots of bags.  Walking into the house, it hit me.

In the main room, I immediately noticed the contrast of the beautiful majestic grand piano on one end of the room with the giant billiards table on the other. Granted, it’s a big space but the entire picture just bugs me.  Now I won’t pretend to be an interior designer, but I’m willing to bet that this décor is more likely to find itself as an emergency project on HGTV’s Dear Genevieve than on the cover of Architectural Digest.

I honestly don’t mean to sound critical.  Having a pool table is definitely a bachelor thing.  I totally get that.  In fact, I feel pretty lucky that I’m just dealing with a pool table here.  There could be a Total Gym sitting in there and no other single guy in America would blink an eye.  In fact, they’d probably think Paul was the luckiest man in the world.

Our somewhat out of place pool table.

Our somewhat out of place pool table.

Once a man gets married, however, things change.  I’m sorry, but this eye sore must go.

I know my husband is very torn about this.  He loves playing pool and he’s very good at it. In fact, I’ve yet to find anything he’s not good at.  Given that, I’m trying to be sensitive.

Sitting at the round table looking out the terrace where we enjoy watching beautiful sunsets together, I decided to approach him about giving up his pool table.

I started with a suggestion.  If we’re going to have a gargantuan burgundy rectangle in that space that tempts me to drink wine of the same color then we should just embrace the big picture. Why not just go all out and get a few dart boards, a foosball table, and a big Pabst Blue Ribbon sign?  We could put a flashing sign out front that says “Play Pool with Paulie” and encourage fellow neighborhood eight ball enthusiasts to come over.

Thankfully, he appreciated the intended sarcasm in that “suggestion” and didn’t take me up on the idea.  Still, he wasn’t thrilled with the thought of parting with the pool table.

Sometimes it’s helpful knowing when giving something up you really love is that it’s going to a better place.  I suggested to him that he donate it to the Billiard Congress Hall of Fame.  Maybe they’d even consider inducting him for making the sacrifice.  Meanwhile, he and I could search out the nicer pool halls in the area, and he can play there. I’m optimistic we can find such a place.  When we’re in New York, he plays billiards weekly with his brother Bill at Amsterdam Billiards which is very nice.

I could tell he was warming up to the idea, but I also knew that we’d have to come up with a suggestion for filling the space left by such a large object.  Then it hits us.  Paul is a sculptor and an artist.  We could create an artistic space for him there, so when the mood hits him he can paint his masterpieces there.

After much discussion, Paul agreed that the pool table will go.  I am sure we’ll find a very nice home for it.

In the end, I really believe this move will benefit so many people.  My husband will create world class masterpieces for people to enjoy while being able to share his billiard skills with the world (or at least the greater Los Angeles area).

I even have an opportunity to shop a little to expand my wardrobe a bit since I’m totally sure I don’t have just the right clothes to wear to a pool hall.

This is really a win/win for everyone.