Paul Ryan is a Traitor—Ryan Out & Trump In!

May 25th, 2016

It’s truly amazing that Paul Ryan still feels that he can’t endorse Donald Trump.  What’s the deal?  Are there still powers out there who think they’ll be tricky and find a new nominee (e.g., Ryan himself) at the GOP Convention?  Is this a way for Ryan and his frat brother Reince to still feel relevant?  Or is the Speaker just another Benedict Arnold?

Recall that Ryan’s ascension to the Speaker’s seat was dubious from the beginning.  Kevin McCarthy was all but Speaker when somewhere out of nowhere Ryan emerges.  Whatever happened worked once, but I doubt will work again.  I predict Kevin will be back.  Being second in command in Congress isn’t small potatoes, but it’s Ryan who is currently wearing the #1 jersey and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Hopefully his lofty role in Congress is only temporary.  Remember this is the guy who pushed a disastrous budget which is something Trump would never be part of.  Now Ryan whines that he inherited it all and did nothing.

But that’s not even the worst thing about Ryan (and it already looks pretty bad).  He is Speaker of the House even though he got there by hook or crook.  So does he know how it plays with the public when he won’t endorse our nominee but he still wants to chair the convention?  Give me a break.  He and the powers that be are simply ticked because they lost and now they have to suck it.  Their guys didn’t win (and there were lots of them to choose from which only makes them look worse).   They need to finally get over it and stop being a problem.

Paul Ryan was elected Speaker by the GOP and now the GOP has chosen Trump.  They need to all work together now.

So what exactly is the source of all Ryan’s reticence about supporting Trump?  Could it be that it’s payback for his buddy Reince who will soon be gone?  It’s likely that Reince wanted Ryan to become Speaker and then he’d cleverly try to move him in as the Republican nominee.  Now that it’s clear that plan won’t work a number of angry elites are falling in line.  All but Ryan who is still holding out.

Clearly the GOP establishment feels carpet bombed by Trump. They still can’t believe that he won and they couldn’t stop him.  Little by little the Johnny Come Lately’s are endorsing and accepting that while they didn’t get their pick, anything is better than Hillary.  That’s fine.  We’ll take them.  The public has been for Trump in overwhelming numbers from the beginning. When the GOP elite said “let them eat cake” the public said, “No thanks, we have our Trump steaks rare.”

I say forget Ryan.  Trump doesn’t need him.  But don’t forget about him at the election of the Speaker.  Definitely remember then that this is the one guy who wouldn’t support our guy.  He’s just fiddling and diddling.  So as a very early supporter of Trump for president (like five years ago), I have absolutely no respect for Ryan.  I hope McCarthy comes back and takes the Speaker seat.

Let the Wisconsin fraternity go back and make cheese or whatever they do there.

Here’s my message to Paul Ryan—Go Trump or go home!

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