Our Forefathers Would be Mortified if They Saw Us Today

October 30th, 2013

I hate to say it, but we’re becoming a nation of absolute wimps.

Some of our forefathers trekked miles across unknown territory building great cities from raw land.  Others travelled across rough seas to reach our shores.  With nothing more than dreams of a better life, they worked hard to make something of themselves.

I’m glad they’re not around to see us today because if the last week is any indication, the shock of what they’d see and hear would probably be worse than anything they faced crossing the plains or the Atlantic Ocean.

You see, it seems that we can’t even make the most basic decisions for ourselves anymore.

That is if you believe Press Secretary Jay Carney.  Asked to explain why many Americans will be losing health insurance plans they like despite President Obama’s assurances the past several years to the contrary, he explained that these plans don’t provide “minimum standards of coverage” mandated under the Affordable Care Act.  Evidently, the government knows best what our health insurance needs are and surprisingly it’s quite uniform across the board.

As a result, a single 60-year-old man will have no trouble with his prenatal and maternity care when he gives birth because the ACA “minimum standard of care” covers all his maternity needs.  A 40-year-old Mormon woman will likewise be comforted to know that if she strays from the faith and takes up drinking and smoking pot to excess, her time in a rehab facility is covered.

Carney and the Obama administration’s basic position on this matter can be summed up as follows.

Allowing people to decide what works best for themselves based on what they believe they can afford is bad public policy.  Only the government can truly know what’s good for each of us.  Now pay up and shut up. 

This paternalistic view of public policy is nothing new for Democrats.  Frequently described as the “nanny state,” it is creeping up more and more in our public discourse.

According to the Democrats, we’re all really too stupid to think for ourselves.  We’re much better off when we’re guided in everything we do by pages and pages of rules and regulations.

All I can say is thank goodness our forefathers didn’t have to operate this way.

Imagine what that would have been like.

A covered wagon wouldn’t have made it down the road much less across an open field or through a mountain pass because it would probably have failed some minimum standard for road worthiness mandated by the government before it even left the shed.  There would probably also be regulations dictating how long a horse could pull such a wagon taking into account the size of the horse and the weight of the wagon. That would certainly slow things down.   Child labor laws would also likely prevent the kids from being much help along the journey.

Given all that, with any luck, we probably could have settled this great vast land as far west as Patterson, New Jersey by now.

Thankfully, America wasn’t like that back in those days.  In fact, we were a pretty self-reliant and hardy breed until recently when many of us started looking to Uncle Sam to take care of us and do all the thinking for us.

Let’s hope that somewhere lurking within each of us is that gene that spurred our forefathers to conquer wild territory and do great things. Otherwise, let’s hope that the government officials making all our decisions in the future prove to be smarter than what we have today.