Oscar Weekend is Almost Here!

February 25th, 2016

Oscar activities are beginning to get underway, and I’m just taking it all in.  This is my third experience with the Oscars and each time it’s a little different.  I really don’t know what to expect the third time around.

The first time I went to the Academy Awards show as a White House staffer.  Sony offered members of the staff the opportunity to attend. For the show itself, it was a big deal since it was the first time it was in the smaller Kodak Theater.  The late great Jack Valenti was our host, and we had the honor of walking down the red carpet with him.  The experience had a few interesting moments.  For example, Ted Turner mistook me for an actress and when Jack told him I worked for President Bush, he immediately went into a tirade about how much NASA paid for a toilet.  I just smirked and thanked him for the newsflash.

I remember being surprised that Tom Cruise is so short.  Also, Gwyneth Paltrow was wearing a hideous see through black Goth dress that everyone was clearly trying very hard not to gawk at (but they all did of course).

Then there were the parties.  We went to all of them and it was quite overwhelming. The studio heads and business people were very nice, but the actors and creative types clearly hated us. Like I cared.

Fast forward to last year when I arrived with my new husband who just happens to be a movie star.  We didn’t go to the show because you really only need to go just once.  Instead, we attended the Vanity Fair party.  I enjoyed it much more than my experience as a White House staffer because I wasn’t working and it was fun being with Paul. I wore a short Michael Kors camo sequin dress.  I chose it in support of the American Sniper film which was miraculously nominated in the Best Picture category.  Hollywood types aren’t exactly zealots about the military, guns, or shooting the enemy, so I felt the need to give a nod to a film that had overcome so much. I also considered doing this playing my small patriotic part.

The kicker to the dress was that it cost about 50 bucks.  Meanwhile, all the elaborate gowns everyone else was wearing cost a minimum of about $5,000.  In fact, it was pointed out to me more than once that most people wear long gowns to Oscar parties.  That didn’t matter to me.  I really don’t like long gowns and will only go that route if it’s absolutely necessary like for a white tie event where it’s the appropriate attire.

So here we are this year and there really aren’t any movies I care about so I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll wear.  If this wasn’t LA and the weather is usually a little warmer, I might break out the fur coat for The Revenant just to get the PETA crowd going.  Something geared towards Mad Max: Fury Road could also certainly get some attention but again probably isn’t worth the trouble.  As my third foray into the Oscar scene, I’m just going to be very relaxed about it.

That’s quite different than what everyone else around here will be doing.  If you are part of the entertainment community, this is more important than election night when we choose congress or the president which is totally preposterous.

Yes, it’s very different on the left coast.  I don’t share the excitement like most but I do enjoy the spectacle of it all and will have a full report next week of our Oscar weekend festivities.  It’s going to get very busy starting today.

So check in next week to read all about the lollapalooza in La La Land!

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