Oh Prickly Pics! Top Ten Images with Incredible Impact

July 25th, 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is true.

It’s also true that a picture can be worth a million dollars or can instantly derail a political campaign.  It can also leave one absolutely speechless as in the case of photographs of Anthony Weiner’s . . . well . . . wiener.

Actually, in Weiner’s case it can actually have all three effects.  We’re all speechless and it may end his bid for Mayor of New York either by his own choice or by the voters.  Who knows?  It could even mean a million dollars in the form of a book deal for either Anthony Weiner, his wife, or one of the many women on the Internet with whom he shared his shortcomings.

It’s even still possible that he could become mayor because the field is so weak. Despite everything that’s happened, I still think he’s better than Christine Quinn. I’d rather have a tough mayor (and with a handle like Carlos Danger how much tougher could he be?).

Still, the NYC media is turning on him and the late night comedians are feasting on his demise, so it’s not looking very promising for him right now.

Given the impact of these particular pictures, I thought it might be worth reviewing other photographs in recent history that made a big impact.

Here is my personal top ten list:

10.  Michael Dukakis in the tank—looking like a bafoon and tanked his campaign;

9.  Any photograph in the past five years of Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes;

8.  Hot Tub Guy—Jeffrey Neeley of the GSA showing in a single photograph what the phrase “government waste” really means;

7.  Nearly naked photos of Kate Middleton—demonstrates how slimy paparazzi really are—first Diana then Kate;

6.  Prince Harry’s naked bum pic—instantly made him the hot prince;

5.  Michelle Obama’s bangs photo—sadly made bangs biggest topic of the Inaugural;

4.  Nixon versus Kennedy televised debates—Kennedy more photogenic than Nixon who won with radio audience;

3.  Gary Hart’s Campaign Shot with Mistress—the boat was called Monkey Business and the photo featured his girlfriend, Donna Rice, sitting on his lap.  That’s all you need to know;

2.  Anne Hathaway braless and Britney Spears going commando pics; and

Drum roll, please . . .

Undisputed Number One . . .

Anthony Weiner’s photographed wiener which just made his bid for mayor much harder.