Oh Bloody Hell–Britain’s Welfare Couple is in NYC!

December 8th, 2014

Hail! Hail!  The British monarchy is in the Big Apple for the next few days.  Specifically, Prince William, future King of England and future “face” of the British Hair Club for Men and Kate Middleton, the smartest commoner to ever matriculate (obviously among other things) at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland are both gracing us all with their presence the next few days.

How nice for them.  Of course, they always enjoy themselves when visiting abroad.  Dressing up in haute couture, receiving special gifts, and taking private trips to only the best places are par for the course wherever they travel.  Who couldn’t love that?

Yes, life is always quite splendid for a member of the Royal family.  Theirs is a life of being wined and dined for free every day of their lives.  And what did they do to deserve such treatment?  Well, in William’s case he was simply born.  That’s it.  Since then, it’s all been a piece of cake for him.  Not that his life is totally easy.  Knowing that Prince Charles is your father has to be embarrassing and losing your mother at a young age is certainly tough.  But everything else must be quite magical. Straight out of a storybook.

Kate is another story.  Smart woman, her mother, for insisting she change her college plans at the last minute and going off to college where she and hundreds of other co-eds stood a chance of meeting and even better yet dating the future king.  Lucky for her, she ended up in the same house as William and wowed him during a fashion show where she wore a shear nearly invisible little number down the runway that reportedly caught the prince’s eye.  If you wonder what enticed him so, you can see a picture of her that very day in that “dress” by doing a Google search.  Someday, her son Prince George will be very proud of his mum.

Fortunately, here in the United States we don’t have the nonsense of a “monarchy.”  In fact, we made completely clear our distaste for such things during a certain revolution a little over a couple of hundred years ago. We put old King George III in his place and made known to the world that we won’t put up with any of this royal crap.

That’s why I’m a little disturbed by all the Americans fawning over Will and Kate today.  It’s just a joke and truly pathetic for Americans to trumpet their trip.  In my opinion, they are just a couple of elite British tourists.  But unlike the average Brit who visits (and I’m very happy they’re here don’t get me wrong), these two will occupy the attention of the police who already have their hands full.  This visit also adds to traffic congestion and makes daily life here uncomfortable.

And for what?  Why are we celebrating this pompous pair?  The patriots who bled and died to free this country from the ancestors of this couple are probably rolling over in their graves seeing the current crop of Americans straining to get a peek at Will and Kate doing such ordinary things as getting out of a car! It’s shocking to see this teeny bopper behavior coming from Americans knowing that there were real individuals who sacrificed a lot to get away from people like this.

Also, where is the outrage from Mayor Bill de Blasio?  He constantly wants to bash people with money who earned it and take it away from them, yet he welcomes with open arms the ultimate trust fund babies? Sure, pick on the hard working carriage horse drivers but flaunt the non-working Kate and William. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just a couple of fancy freeloaders and should be treated accordingly.

Why would we Americans ever bow down to anyone much less these two people?  Forget it.

At least the weather is cooperating. I’m rather happy that the rain is here to put a damper on the trip.  Good.  It’s nice to see a little rain on the royal parade.  I’m sure there will still be people holding big umbrellas for this couple and throwing their coats over puddles on the sidewalk as they emerge from their stretch limos.  Let’s just hope it will be Brits and not Americans acting like their slaves.

Thankfully, this visit is short.

So Bye Bye Brits!  Always remember that we won and you lost.  Enjoy your tea and crumpets when you return to the castle but always know that we live in the best country in the world where there are no kings, queens, dukes, or duchesses.

Bloody brilliant!

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  1. Princess Diane Adkin
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    Lol.Love this an by golly bloody well said!!!!