Obama’s Welcome Wagon at the Border is all about Amnesty

July 8th, 2014

As soon as you think it can’t get any worse with the Obama administration, something else hits.  Now we can add thousands of illegal aliens bringing disease and havoc to our country.  Its tuberculosis and scabies for all!

The community organizer who wants nothing more than to turn this country into a third world nation over which he and his friends rule is encouraging children to come alone to this country from Central America.  The latter fact is important since being from Central America makes it much harder for us to send them back. Let’s not forget that because they’re children many people will feel sorry for them while all the while the ultimate goal is to bring in their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins later.  Naturally, this thrills Obama since it means more Democrat voters he can count on later.

This entire scenario reads like fiction.  How can little children cross two thousand treacherous miles alone?  Clearly, there is much more going on here than what is being reported in the press.

Obama’s true colors in all of this are quite evident.  Last week, he threw a tantrum at a press conference saying basically he’d give them amnesty himself.  He didn’t care what Congress or anyone else thought.  His head of Homeland Security carefully avoids answering specific questions about the matter.  He did, however, use some telling words on Meet the Press.  They are words Obama administration officials frequently use on other matters. During his non-answer, the Homeland Security Secretary promised that the Obama administration will handle this entire matter in accordance with “our values as a nation” or words to that effect.  That’s code for “we’re compassionate people who take care of everyone when they need help because we’re such nice people.”  That really sounds wonderful, but who exactly is going to pay for that?

You, that’s who.

Right now, the press will have you thinking that the people upset in California and Texas because of the influx of these illegal aliens are just mean hateful rightwing nuts.

Perhaps they could test that theory.  Why not just bus everyone coming across the border to Manhattan and see how that goes?  Nancy Pelosi probably has a nice sized home.  Surely, since she’s so kind hearted, why not send a busload of these people to live with her? Obviously, that’s never going to happen.  These limousine liberals and Saul Alinsky ideologues talk a good game but funny how they avoid dealing with problems they happily foist on the rest of us.

Tomorrow Obama will be in Texas to raise money for Democrats. He will studiously avoid visiting the border two hundred miles from Austin because according to his spokesman he can get a feel for everything without actually going there.  To some extent, there is some truth to this when it comes to Obama.  In the past few years, he appears to get all his information from watching television.

Still, I’m not buying this excuse and neither is anyone else.  Simply stated, he doesn’t want to own the optics of the situation or he would be there.  Governor Rick Perry has been pleading for help on the border since 2010 but has been completely ignored.

Obama offered Perry a photo-op at the airport.  Perry wisely refused.  Now he’s asking him to join a roundtable in Dallas.  Perry should pass on that as well. Obama will be in Austin to raise money at the home of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.  He should meet Perry in Austin and together take the one hour flight to the border to see the situation for himself.  Imagine the progress that could be made on this issue if he did that.  The problem with that idea is that it first presumes that he wants a solution.

Here is one issue where Americans can truly see the heart of Obama.  We must fight his leftwing ideas harder than ever.  That means supporting and giving encouragement to all the governors, mayors, and business leaders who are currently dealing with this current blatant attack on our nation’s values.


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  1. Nick Caldwell
    Posted Jul 08 2014 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Sad thing is, Obama could change immigration with these kids. Put new policies in place for the older immigrants to do as well. Instead it will be political grandstanding at its finest with some pork belly getting attached to this infrastructure mess thats getting ready to happen. Great weblog will check it out more.