Obama’s Lazy Loser Latte Salute

September 24th, 2014

Here we go again with the president of the United States acting extremely unpresidential.

His most recent un-American act happened yesterday when he disembarked from Marine One carrying a coffee cup in his hand and then half-ass saluting the waiting Marine with the hand holding the cup.

Really?  He couldn’t just put the coffee cup down before he left the helicopter and gave a proper salute?  Maybe he’s one of those people where the only way to separate him from his caffeine is to pry the cup out of his hand.  I’m not one of those people, but I get that.  Still, even a person with that problem doesn’t become completely unhinged by just moving the cup to the opposite hand.  He could have done that in this case and then offered a proper respectful salute.

Imagine what would have happened if the he’d walked off the helicopter and the first person greeting him was a Marine saluting him with a coffee cup.  Can you say Leavenworth?

Lots of people will ascribe all sorts of psychological nefarious motives to the coffee cup salute, and I’m not going there.  What I can say is that this is yet another extremely bad optic (like golfing after announcing a beheading), and it really makes you wonder if the president has just checked out on the “hard” stuff and really doesn’t care anymore.

Obama loves campaigning and community organizing, but when it comes to the real job of making tough decisions he just seems to push everything aside.  It’s hard to figure out if he’s more lazy, inept, or simply un-American.  Sorry to go there, but his actions deserve harsh words.

He’s the Commander-in-Chief, and his biggest job is to protect our country by leading our troops when necessary.  Obama seems strangely disengaged, and since we’ve just started dropping bombs in yet another country, that’s scary to say the least.

While some people believe that Obama started this war campaign to help Democrats in the Senate, I’d say his performance should actually be a wake-up call to the rest of the country to elect Republicans and create a Republican majority in that body.  We need a Republican Senate to help keep the worst president in United States history from destroying the country beyond repair.

Obama is all about Obama, and he’s clearly not having fun anymore.  The campaign is over and times are tough. So what does he do?  He just gets weaker and weaker instead of stepping up. He obviously doesn’t have the spine or love of country to be a strong leader.

Instead, he does what he thinks is fun or makes him feel important.  He hangs with Hollywood celebrities and makes big speeches about climate change which polls show isn’t a priority in most Americans’ minds.

There have been many times in our history when we’ve needed a real Commander-in-Chief and this is one of them.  Let’s hope the other elected officials in Washington can thwart all the impending disaster at every turn because we know Obama either doesn’t want to or really doesn’t know how.

We need to preserve what’s left of our beloved republic, so screw the spotted owl, ice caps, and yes . . . the tall nonfat latte. Do your part and register to vote in elected officials who aren’t afraid to show that they care about and respect our country and that they’re willing to do what’s necessary to protect it.

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