Obama’s Income Inequality Message is American Nightmare Not Dream

December 5th, 2013

Whatever happened to rugged American individualism, capitalism, and the American dream?

Judging from President Obama’s speech to the liberal Center for American Progress, it’s on life support.

Until Obama, the basic tenet of the American dream was that if you work hard enough you can accomplish anything.  In Obama’s world, you don’t have to work hard or even work at all, and the Ritchie Riches of the world can foot the bill.

In Obama’s America, it’s $15 or $20 for minimum wage—burger flippers unite!  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with working fast food, but it’s an entry level job.  It’s definitely not a place where you can expect to have a high end job unless you move up in management.

Obama discourages hard work and self-reliance.  That’s fine, I guess, but why should those who kill themselves trying to build a business and make a payroll be overtaxed and overworked so that others can have a license to be lazy?

Plus, where is the incentive for these people to better themselves if they already end up with money in their pockets and a smartphone and cable TV?  For many Americans, there is comfort in doing nothing or very little while others pay for that luxury.

In his speech, Obama sang the praises of countries like Canada, Germany, and France as places where people can get ahead.  That’s not surprising because his attitude is very French but not very American.  In France, they actually discourage you from working hard with a short work week and extensive vacations. They want to assure you have plenty of time to enjoy your croissants and café au lait.  While that might make for a cozy life for some, others must pay for it.  If everyone follows that path, eventually no one can afford such pleasures.

This is not what the United States is about.  Giving away goodies or making up wages that are too high.  Extensive unemployment benefits and encouraging people to take food stamps isn’t the way we grew to be a superpower.

Rather than encourage the path to accumulating “free government stuff,” we should sing the praises of people who work their way to personal betterment.  For example, minimum wage jobs don’t need to be dead end jobs.  There are many stories of people who worked minimum wage jobs and then worked their way up the corporate ladder.  By learning more and working harder, more money can come.  Sure there are some companies where this is harder to do than others, but it is doable and far preferable than the other route encouraged by the president which basically gives people a license to be lazy.

The Obama attitude is just dead wrong and should be left to Socialist countries which adhere to the belief that people should pretty much have the same thing no matter where or how hard they work.

It hasn’t helped that Pope Francis chose to join in the chorus of income inequality.  While I understand that his message is helping the poor, I think it’s unfortunate that he elected to take sides in an economic debate involving how economies actually work effectively truly understanding them.  Unfortunately, some of the poorest countries on the planet adhere to some of the economic ideas he espoused.

Let’s hope that the big job killer of ObamaCare, an unreasonably high minimum wage, and a heavy tax burden will take care of the do nothings or at least wake up Americans as to the values and policies in this country that can really work.  An engaged electorate in the midterms can hopefully start the ball rolling towards putting us back on track to be the land our forefathers fought and died for and not to continue the steady decline from a land of opportunity to a land of losers.