Obama Using Syria as a Distraction for his Failures—Can’t He Be Creative Not Catastrophic?

September 4th, 2013

How strange it was last Saturday night to watch Mr. Nobel Peace Prize supporting military action in Syria.  What was even more peculiar was the expression on his face as he delivered the news.  He seemed almost giddy about it. He delivered his statement rather enthusiastically and at one point he even appeared to have a smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, John Kerry had no clue what was going on.  It’s a good thing he’s had all that Botox so most of the muscles on his face don’t move much. Otherwise, he might have looked more like the figure in Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream when he appeared on all the Sunday morning shows trying to explain the whole Syria mess. Instead, he looked like a hostage sent out to read a statement from his captors.

The whole weekend was so surreal.  At first, it almost looked like Obama was having some sort of eureka moment.  He looked relieved and happy like he’d discovered a solution to a vexing problem.

Unfortunately for him, people talk and it didn’t take long for everyone to get together and compare notes.  For one thing, that big red line Obama drew a year ago was crossed long ago and many times.  That just made it look like Obama has been dragging his feet for a year doing nothing while the red line turned pink.

Something wasn’t really adding up here unless you started to examine the bigger picture.

Remember ObamaCare?  It’s supposed to go in effect on October 1st.  The only thing stopping that right now is Obama himself.  He keeps moving requirements that he knows would spell disaster for the Democrats next November if they go into effect before then.  Meanwhile, his buddies in the union are getting more perturbed each day as they find more things they don’t like about the law.

In fact, last week, just about the time Obama started moving warships towards Syria, the Longshoremen union left the AFL-CIO over ObamaCare. That should have been big news but it wasn’t because the drumbeats of war drown out any discussion of the unpopular law that will hit its own D-Day on October 1st.

On top of ObamaCare, there is a huge budget battle looming over Congress and the White House.  That can’t be good news for Obama.

Nothing like a good old fashioned distraction to take everyone’s minds off all this unpleasantness, don’t you think?  Perhaps a three or four day attack on another country might do the trick.  Who knows?  Maybe it could even bring people together.

So instead of waiting for bombs to be dropped on ObamaCare, could it be that Obama decided now to rain bombs down on Damascus?

Naturally, this would distract the public from the fact that Obama is now trying to find some sort of exemption or break from ObamaCare for the unions.  You know—government workers and congressional staff get breaks—why not union members?  Besides, many of these angry union types appear ready to march on Washington over the whole thing.  Better for Obama to head it all off at the pass by giving a gift to his besties instead of finding them looming outside the Bastille.

Speaking of the Bastille, this whole Syria episode has been mishandled from the beginning.  Who is the country we’ll have by our side for this limited military strike?

Drumroll please . . .


Let’s face it, if we were challenging Syria and their buddies Russia and China to a fashion show or a croissant eating contest, then let’s all meet in Paris and kick some ASSad!

That is not, however, what we’re dealing with here.  Syria is indeed serious and requires coalition partners capable of making more than a fashion statement.

Throughout his political career, Obama has relied on his charm and well placed distractions to get what he wants.

Unfortunately, this is one time when all the Hollywood friends and free phones won’t do the trick.

The Syria distraction is different.  It’s tragic and truly shameful.