Obama Should Get Some Coal in His Stocking—Along with a Very High Energy Bill

June 3rd, 2014

President Obama just keeps burning the coal industry.

His latest attack is the biggest so far with the Environmental Protection Agency (aka the Business Destruction Agency) announcing proposed rules for coal plants to reduce emissions by 30%.


I could take this sort of proposal seriously if the Obama administration had started with a proposal to reduce the debt by 30%.  Obviously, that’s laughable.  The government never really ever reduces anything. They just cut the rate of increase every year.

Clearly, this is an unreasonable request by design.  It will also, if implemented, be the final death blow to the coal industry which inexpensively provides power to a large swath of the country.

We need coal to operate.  It’s inexpensive and cleaner than ever.  Not only does it help heat homes in the winter, but it provides power necessary to make manufacturing in this country competitive with the rest of the world.

What’s particularly interesting about this proposal is putting it into context with what’s happening now across the globe.  For instance, Europe tried this approach.  Guess what?  They’re stopping it and going back to coal power plants.  Why?  Well, for starters, their energy costs were the highest in the world under a system supported solely by nuclear and renewable energy.  Manufacturing was all but drying up in Europe making the cost of everything there more expensive.

Elsewhere in the world, China is putting a new coal power plant online at the rate of about one per week.  India is also burning coal like crazy to support its population and keep costs down.

Economically, this proposal is akin to the United States jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge into the Hudson River. We might as well send out a tweet from the White House—“We surrender!”

If this rule actually goes into effect, it will cripple business and the daily operation of cities and towns.  Clearly, Obama just doesn’t get it.

A big question in all of this is where are the unions?  You would think they would be in an uproar about this, but you don’t hear a peep out of them.  That’s probably because Obama has given so many goodies to them that he’s finally bought their silence.

Obama’s policies over and over again kill commerce, bury business, and take us deeper and deeper into debt.  Representatives in coal country districts whether Republican or Democrat need to stand up against this rule because coal going away will ruin the economy not only in their district, but in the entire country as well.

I was born in coal country and have family from there.  I know firsthand that coal miners have a tough business and that they aren’t truly appreciated as they should be.  Years from now, if this goes into effect, Americans freezing to death or having energy bills they can’t afford, may look back and wish they’d been more appreciative of the coal industry.

Lights out for us if we don’t make it lights out for these policies.  Let’s rally for coal because it will produce economic diamonds for years to come if we stand behind it and against this rule.

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