Obama–Lay Off the Redskins—There are so Many More Offensive Mascots!

June 18th, 2014

A day doesn’t go by that Obama and his “team” don’t show their true colors.  It’s really getting comical at this point.

Today’s folly is the announcement that the trademark of the Washington Redskins is at risk because the government believes the name could offend some people.  Meanwhile, the Redskins owner says he’s not backing down and I’m glad.  Obama shows all the signs of wanting to be dictator not president.  This is yet another example.  Since when does the government get in the business of naming something other than airports, streets, and buildings?

Personally, I think the Washington Redskins mascot is very cool.  It was designed by a Native American, and everything about it denotes honor and strength. A poll of Native Americans even shows that most of them support the name. But you can’t please everyone and a handful of Native Americans are complaining in court that they’re offended.

Just wait . . . if this works you’ll see a slew of these cases.  The Patent Office will be working overtime trying to figure out what to do.

Face it.  Every mascot has the ability to offend someone at some level.  For starters, what to do about the Braves, Indians, Blackhawks, Seminoles, and countless other mascots named to honor Native Americans?

If the Redskins lose their name, expect PETA to jump in and put the kibosh on a whole host of mascots.  In the NFL alone, don’t expect to cheer for the Bears, Eagles, Colts, Dolphins, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Bills, Broncos, Cardinals, Rams, Ravens, Falcons, or Panthers anymore. Clearly, these names unnecessarily exploit animals (or at least that’s what the court filings and press releases will say).

That’s not all.  On the human front, the Vikings and Titans are known as absolute jerks. Some people feel that way about Texans, too.  Packers, Boilermakers, and Steelers all have a sort of pro-Union sound to them.  In baseball, what about the Reds?  Are they a bunch of communists or what?

Christians should put a quick end to any name involving a demon, devil, or wizard.  That leaves only the Angels as acceptable.  Oh wait!  I forgot about the atheists.  They love litigation.  Actually, after the Redskins, the Angels may be the next to go.

Some names don’t even make any sense because the team moved from its original location.  For example, the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers sound like they came about after a night of heavy drinking (and in the Utah case we all know that can’t be true).

The Miami Heat could really get the folks who believe climate change is a myth all worked up. The Baltimore Ravens could be screwed on two fronts.  First, there is the above-noted PETA problem, but the name actually is based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem about a man losing his mind.  Isn’t that offensive to the mental health community?

And what about the USC Trojans?  Parents everywhere should object to a mascot that might be mistaken for support of condoms.  It’s difficult enough explaining Viagra commercials to your kids. Imagine telling them why everyone in their family is such a big Trojan supporter?

Then there are the Ole Miss Rebels.  That’s probably going to be the last mascot to finally go because if the Obama administration ever tries to mess with it, Mississippi might actually secede from the union again.

Obviously, this nonsense could just go on and on if we let it.  So why don’t we all agree to stop all this silliness.  Enjoy the game and stop sweating the small stuff.  If the mascot is offensive, it’s simple.  Switch teams!

Get politics off the playing field.  Instead, just play ball and enjoy!

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  1. Tom
    Posted Jun 18 2014 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    This is O’s not too subtle way of saying “patriots” are offensive.