Obama Just Handed the Republicans a Bazooka

January 5th, 2016

What a day!

As the 2016 presidential campaign continues to unfold, it was fascinating this morning watching Barack Obama, who likely considers himself the greatest politician of our time (if not all time), break one of the cardinal rules of politics.

He cried.

Yes, you read that right.  Obama cried and cried as he announced his Executive Order weakening the Second Amendment.  Well boo hoo.  I don’t believe it was one bit sincere, but he wiped away what at least appeared to be real tears as he announced yet another unconstitutional initiative of his presidency.

Besides tugging at a few heartstrings, I’m sure he also thought he was being somewhat clever in suggesting that he was simply attempting to protect the people’s right to peaceful assembly by watering down their right to bear arms. Psychologically, perhaps it gives him comfort.  The only way he can live with himself destroying one part of the Constitution is if he believes he’s protecting another.

So how did he produce the waterworks on display today?  In acting, some coaches suggest imagining something that makes you sad when you’re confronted with a scene demanding tears.  In Obama’s case, I think it was probably realizing that his term as president has been a complete dud and that it’s almost over that made him weep.

While that’s probably truly sad for him, it’s an absolute gift to Republicans since in his desperation to be relevant, he handed Republicans a bazooka to take out Hillary in the general election.

Yep, all Obama did today was get Second Amendment enthusiasts very fired up.  This is really bad news for Hillary since the National Rifle Association is very well organized and even now more motivated.  That alone makes this a terrible move for Hillary, but maybe Obama doesn’t know that or more likely doesn’t really care.

Obama also helped Donald Trump.  Immediately, Trump seized the opportunity to announce in the biggest swiftest way possible that he would immediately undo the order once elected.  Most likely, all the other GOP candidates would do the same.

This misstep is just a gift with a camo bow.  Not only does it make Obama look once more weak and ineffective, but it also gives the GOP enough ammunition (no pun intended of course) to win.

Watching the crying game presser today was truly surreal. Even if the crying was real, it was much too long.  Either way, Obama is looking at a Razzie and not an Oscar for this performance.

There is no crying in the White House.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is just the beginning of a litany of nutty acts from Obama as his term comes to a close over the course of the year.

Get ready for a wild and crazy election year.  And if this is what’s to come, the sideshow will be quite the rubbernecker!

Hello 2016!

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  1. Goddess Donna Deer
    Posted Jan 05 2016 at 9:46 pm | Permalink

    Lol, guuuuurlfriend…that was so on target I believe I saw an arrow flying through the air…????????????
    And a Razzi…my thought also as I sat and watched the water works flow…exactly on cue.
    Maybe he did have one of michelles onions in that podium…?…????????????