Obama Administration Presents: The Case of the Missing Emails

June 17th, 2014

It’s amazing.

Two years of Lois Lerner’s emails at the IRS simply disappear.

That’s not the only thing that disappeared.  Along with the emails went any shred of credibility (not that there was much to begin with) that the White House had.

Just when you think the gates are closed, another jalopy comes driving through.  It’s dizzying the number of problems the White House is experiencing.  It would be one thing if the president had just been elected, but he’s been in office six years.  It’s about time to start packing and calling in the moving vans to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  We’re long past the time when this group should be trying to figure out how to get the job done.

This particular “problem” with Lois Lerner’s emails may just be the dumbest of them all.  Does Barack Obama and his team really think people will believe that two years of emails critical to the investigation of whether or not the IRS targeted conservative groups simply vanished?

That same kind of argument didn’t work out so well for one Richard Milhous Nixon when eighteen minutes of tape recordings disappeared. Rather than just curse their bad luck, lots of Americans began jumping to all kinds of conclusions as to what the president wanted to hide by hitting the erase button. You think history would be a good instructor to our current president in this case.

When I worked at the White House, we were very careful with our emails knowing they were archived for life.  It isn’t possible to lose emails for two hours let alone for two years in that environment.  A government email is for life.  Plastic diapers in landfills eventually disintegrate.  Government emails don’t.

The administration better hope those emails eventually surface because without them it can only be assumed they have something to hide.  What’s in them? Would the president be on thin (i.e., impeachment) ice if the truth were known? Right now, we can only assume these emails are one big poison arrow because it’s hard to imagine anyone would come up with such a whopper of a story to hide them otherwise.

Likely, the emails will eventually be discovered one way or the other.  Too many people must know about them or have actually been the recipient of them for them not to be uncovered or remain hidden much longer.  Maybe someone should offer a cash prize to the staffer who comes forward and spills the beans on this whole tawdry affair.  Donald Trump has been known to dangle a financial carrot for information like this.  Perhaps he can do so again.

The truth finally caught up with Tricky Dick Nixon, and he resigned in order to avoid impeachment.  Let’s see if Bumbling Barack Obama sees history repeat itself once again.

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