No Thanks, Jerry Brown—New Law Insults Women

October 7th, 2015

Another bad idea just became law in California.

Known as the California Fair Pay Act, Governor Jerry Brown signed the act claiming that it will eliminate the wage gap between men and women in that state.

Really, Uncle Jerry?

Gosh, thanks a lot because a weak little lady like me can’t possibly make it on my own.  Clearly, you believe that women aren’t capable of handling themselves or do you simply enjoy making decisions that continue taking California further into debt?

Whatever happened to people being paid on merit instead of gender?

Bonehead decisions such as this one from inept old Jerry Brown are helping make California a big mess.  And it’s not just in the economy.  It’s also in environmental policy where drought problems have no solution thanks to over the top environmentalists not wanting to disturb a frog, flea, or some obscure microorganism.  Immigration is also at play with illegal immigrants getting state issued driver’s licenses.  Never mind the poor American citizen who is stuck with the bill after colliding on the road with one of these newly approved drivers.

Now Brown is telling businesses what to do by telling them what they have to pay workers whether they’re worth it or not.

No wonder California is a disaster only like most of the catastrophes that befall that state this one is entirely manmade.

Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech at the Academy Awards was mostly a plea for equal pay for women.  Does she really believe this regardless of whether or not the women are doing the same work as well?  Does she believe that a woman who takes significant time off from work, for example, should get the same pay as the man who slogged straight through without stopping even for a vacation?  Is that really fair and “equal?”

Arquette’s self-righteous speech comes from a woman who makes millions of dollars.  That’s great, but her success also may further prove the point that women don’t need government assistance to make it in this world.   It’s insulting.

If women don’t believe they’re being paid enough for a job they can quit or start their own business.

Does anyone care about the business owner these days? Here’s a shocker.  Some of those people are actually women.  These are job creators whose very existence is put in jeopardy by government meddling into how to run their business. That’s rich, of course, coming from a governor and legislature who can’t run state affairs without running up huge debts.

A focus group of likely Democrat voters just yesterday included a group of young women who said they felt insulted by Hillary Clinton’s claim that they aren’t being treated equally.  According to these young women, they feel very equal and are somewhat insulted by her comments.

That’s interesting because this whole issue also illustrates a generational problem.  Older women whose work lives peaked in the 1970s are still emotionally fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment while younger women feel they’ve won and are ready to move on.

One of Jerry Brown’s most famous paramours was singer Linda Ronstadt who was enormously popular back in those days.  Perhaps he hasn’t totally moved on in his understanding of women which is why his attitude appears stuck in the disco era.  No wonder he doesn’t seem to have a clue about women today.

California has a full time legislature which creates a problem for the state’s citizens.  Clearly, the officials in Sacramento believe they need to justify their existence by passing laws whether they’re necessary or not.  They’ll argue that the state is so big that year round meetings are needed.  Not so.  The state of Texas operates just fine (better actually), and their legislature meets every other year.

Women in California should tell Jerry Brown “no thanks.”  They don’t need his help.  Neither do the wild toads and fish for that matter.

Governor Brown, start treating women with real respect by showing them that you really do believe they’re as good as men.

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