Nikki’s No Darling after Bashing Donald Trump

January 13th, 2016

Nikki Haley apparently forgot what her job was last night.  The South Carolina governor gave the Republican response to Obama’s last State of the Union Address and afterwards the glaring issue that everyone is talking about is the fact that she decided to use that spotlight to criticize Donald Trump.

Like Obama in his speech, Haley didn’t name her victim but it was rather obvious to everyone that Donald Trump was her target.  Later she confirmed this fact lest there be any question about that.

Last I checked the Republican response to the State of the Union Address isn’t supposed to be an attack on the GOP candidate at the top of the polls.  That begs the question of how Governor Haley’s response veered from a genuine discussion of policy differences with the Democrats to active participation in the presidential campaign.

Could it be that Haley was wooed in advance by the GOP establishment?  There’s been talk in some circles that she could be the Vice-Presidential nominee although at 43-years-old it’s doubtful she’d be the right fit.  Still there’s plenty of incentive for her to play along if she thinks that’s even a possibility.

Obviously, Haley can talk about whatever candidate she wants.  Doing it during the Republican response, however, suggests some pretty serious desperation on the part of the GOP establishment.  Clearly, someone got to Haley in an effort to take out Mr. Trump any way they can. It all boils down to the fact that he can’t be controlled, and the GOP needs to justify its existence. It almost seems like they’d rather lose and keep control than win with the Donald juggernaut.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump can pull ahead of the crowd and win with even more of those fringe candidates (is Gilmore still running?) dropping out.

Donald Trump is still way ahead in the polls and appears to have a good path to victory which is obviously quite troublesome to the powers that be in the GOP.  That leaves their only means of stopping him is in a brokered convention at which they would call all the shots.

It could truly be a tough time for Mr. Trump if he’s forced to play in the establishment’s den.  They control the rules and know how to manipulate the system.  I’m sure Mr. Trump didn’t become so successful by not knowing the turf he’s playing on, but it’s still their turf so the best course of action is learning all the dark corners of the rules and procedures. Many political battles come down to technicalities and knowing the schematic diagram.  In the middle of all the chaos, knowing how to work the system can be the biggest advantage in winning the election.  Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush certainly know best how to play in the GOP convention sandbox.

The Nikki Haley stunt may just be the beginning of more to come. Trump is still our best hope of leading the country out of the Obama mess.  It doesn’t seem to matter to the power brokers who clearly are more interested in protecting their own hides.  This includes Haley who I’m guessing cut a deal for herself somehow last night.

Barring some unusual situation where the GOP doesn’t play fair at the convention, Trump is surging and isn’t going away.  I doubt he’ll need a certain governor from South Carolina as things move forward.

Donald Trump is our best and perhaps our only hope to defeat the Evil Empire, but do we have a Senator Palpatine in our midst?

Time will tell.

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