National Pride is the Best

December 3rd, 2016

With Donald Trump as President-Elect and Mike Pence as our next Vice President, life is good.  In fact, it’s great.

Those of us who supported the Trump-Pence ticket couldn’t be happier.  Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Clinton-Kaine supporters out there who can’t get over the election result.  In fact, they’re having trouble accepting the Trump victory which is truly ironic.

One thing that seems to really irk them is that Trump stands for national pride.  This is baffling.

According to these liberals, nationalism isn’t just bad, it’s racist. These people continue to brand Trump, his administration picks, and supporters racists and bigots.  Many of them threaten to leave the country.  Honestly, I wish they would make good on that threat. The last thing we need is people bashing Trump with these untrue statements.

Since when is American exceptionalism bad?  I guess after eight years of Obama, the minds of many Americans have been poisoned with the idea that there is something wrong with this country and that it’s rather heinous to demonstrate any sense of national pride.  It really was shocking to see how well Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, did in the Democrat primary.  For some in this country, being exactly alike and being treated the same is desirable.  Collectivism is king and there are lots of Millennials who truly believe that being successful is a bad thing.

I’d love for them to tell that to the patriots who died and fought for our liberty over the years.  Part of what motivated those great people was a belief in the American dream where citizens could accomplish anything they wanted through hard work, determination, and effort.

Until this election, America was falling off a cliff.  We were heading in the direction of other historical powers that faltered and withered and died.  Donald Trump is saving the day and our American way of life.

And he’s doing it by throwing out a playbook that is no longer effective and doing things his way. His successful work in saving the jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana illustrates this fact.

As far as I’m concerned, those who don’t like it can go ahead and move, although I doubt they will.  Naturally, they will continue to whine and complain, but even they’re smart enough to know that life in the United States is better than it would be anywhere else in the world.  In fact, all their screaming and yelling is just an exercise of the freedom of speech that they only have in this great country.

I’m proud of America and I think that our country is #1. In fact, I know it is.

So there!

Let the naysayers continue to complain.  It won’t bother those of us who truly get it.  We’ll have a very happy four and hopefully eight years.

I’m hoping that a generation of young people will be positively influenced by a Trump-Pence wave.  I hope the damage done by Obama giving them an attitude of negativity and fear for their future will be lessened as they see the great changes brought on by the new administration.

Trump came along just in time to stop the bleeding brought on by the bleeding heart liberals.  Middle class Americans came out in waves to give America another chance. To them, I say a big THANK YOU!

America is great and will be even greater every day that President Trump is in office.

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