My NYC Fashion Show Experience

February 8th, 2013

Fashion is a fabulous part of life, particularly in New York City where haute couture is as tall and beautiful as the Empire State Building.  Across the globe, only Paris and Milan can rival New York City for the best places in the fashion world.  As everyone knows, the French can’t beat Americans at anything, but fashion is where they come closest to us.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited by a lovely smart woman who is a rising stylist in the fashion world named Engie Hassan (after being recommended by Marcy Clark—an incredible public relations and event expert) to appear in a fashion show called Fashion Rocks.  The show featured different genres of music like rock, pop, and hip hop.

In the show, I was one of four models for the Dore collection (the “Dore Girls”).  We wore long elegant gowns which were absolutely breathtaking and we modeled these gowns accompanied by slow romantic music.  We wore furs and a couple of us had hats or chapeaus—not me since I had a hairstyle that added about four inches to my height.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to do any strut or dance step as I presented the only dress which had a long train.  I just let the gown make the statement.  Fortunately, I didn’t fall.  Being the only nonprofessional model in the show, I was very afraid that I’d take a dive.  I didn’t want a Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City, moment. Remember the episode where she falls on the runway in a fashion show and Heidi Klum literally must step over her?  I didn’t want that to be me.

Fortunately, a really nice model who has done about 100 shows took pity on me and showed me exactly what to do.  Thanks to her, I was able to drop the train of the dress and do my circle to show off the dress without anyone being the wiser that I’d ever worried about doing a pratfall up there.

Anyone who thinks that doing a fashion show isn’t hard work has no idea what’s involved.  It was amazing to me to watch Engie work.  The show was a creative masterpiece thanks to her careful attention to every detail.  It was amazing to see all the hair and makeup people taking her direction as they worked with the model’s outfit, makeup, jewelry, and shoes.

The audience was electric and absolutely loved the show.  How could they not?  Between the music and the beautiful clothes, it was an amazing evening.

I’ve done other fashion shows but never in New York City.  The show was in a chic rooftop event space overlooking the city with cameras flashing everywhere like millions of little lights.

It was particularly interesting to watch the transformation of the entire event.  At the beginning of the day, beautiful models who need no makeup would show up one by one in casual clothes carrying their cool bags and luggage.  Through the course of the day and evening, they were transformed into the different genre types they would represent via hair and makeup. It was really like an orchestra coming together.  My favorite hairstyle in the show was the one worn by the girl with crimped hair, but my favorite fashion had to be the Dore gowns that the four Dore Girls had the privilege of wearing.

I want to thank Engie, Marcy, Dore, Ashley, Lora, Tara, and Taryn for making my first NYC fashion show a magical night that I’ll never forget.  Everyone should have a NYC fashion show on their list in life.  It is a wonderful experience.