My Film Electoral Dysfunction Needs a Sequel—Let’s Do It, Mo Rocca!

May 2nd, 2013

Electoral Dysfunction is a documentary about the 2008 presidential election starring Mo Rocca.  It features Democrat strategist, Mike Marshall and GOP strategist, me.  Throughout the fall of 2012 the film ran on PBS stations across the country.

In making the film, the producers followed Mike and me during the election to record our efforts in electing our respective candidates to the office of President of the United States.  They also followed up with us on what we’re doing now.  I’m obviously doing media—TV, radio, Internet, and of course, blogging.

Mike’s post-production activities are quite a bit more dramatic.  By the time of the film’s release, Mike had been indicted for voter fraud.

This event is interesting on many levels.

For me, it’s rather ironic since my message throughout the film is the importance of voter integrity.  I emphasize the need for voter identification laws and securing absentee ballots.

Mike is now going to jail for eighteen months for voter fraud. The entire episode seems surreal and is quite stunning.  Because I know Mike, I’m not going to pile on here, but I can’t escape the irony of it all.

Electoral Dysfunction is a documentary whose theme continues to unfold.

In addition to Mike, three other individuals were recently convicted in Northern Indiana for forging signatures to get Obama’s name on the ballot.

During the 2008 election, I always questioned Obama’s victory in Indiana.  It just seemed too close and too strange given what I know about my home state. I have a sneaking suspicion that our proximity to Chicago’s backyard caused an entire state to be stolen.

Obviously, this wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the entire election, but recent events at least confirm my suspicion that the Indiana result wasn’t what it appeared to be.

By 2012, the Indiana GOP became vigilant.  We were on to the Obama way of “community organizing” and Obama didn’t even make much of an effort in the state.  Romney won easily.

Would McCain have won Indiana in 2008 if everything was on the up and up? I think so.  Did these sorts of things happen in other states?  Probably.

I hope that all of this will bring further attention to the fact that we need strong voter identification laws in all states and tough absentee requirements as well.

It seems Electoral Dysfunction 2 is in order.

The first movie leaned pro-popular vote which I am against. I just think we need better tighter voter requirements and more standardized voting procedures.  I’m not arguing for a top down national system but rather a system that provides a safety net which prevents fraud.

Given all that’s happened, I think a sequel would offer plenty of drama.

Stay tuned.