More Guns Needed to Defend against Crazy Whack Jobs—2nd Amendment Should be #1

September 17th, 2013

Here we go again. The gun control people want to talk about taking guns away because a nut job shoots innocent unarmed citizens.

Yesterday’s shooting at the Washington Navy Yard is particularly perplexing.  How strange it is that this happened at a place with guards and that is an official building of the United States Navy.  If there was ever a place you’d think you could find plenty of armed people for protection, wouldn’t it be at a military complex in the heart of the nation’s capital?

Actually, the answer is no.  Many military complexes have a no weapons policy. That’s why the Fort Hood shooter was able to get away with so much carnage.

Being in DC, the Washington Navy Yard is in worse shape from a safety standpoint.  Washington gun laws assure that any mentally ill person can walk in to any building in the city armed to the teeth and feel relatively certain that after passing by the few perfunctory guards on site, it’s open season on unarmed civilians.

In yesterday’s tragedy, the shooter, Aaron Alexis, had known mental illness.  He suffered from paranoia and claimed to hear voices. His mental illness and arrests in cities across the country should have been a bright flag to those responsible for handing out passes to enter the Navy Yard.

Alexis is very much like other recent shooters—Sandy Hook, Colorado movie theater, and the attack on Gabby Giffords.  In each case, the shooter was clearly mentally ill.

As they do each time one of these events occurs, the anti-gun people are now droning on about the evil of guns. That’s just asinine.

News flash.

The crazy bad guys will always have guns unless we change that part of the equation. It’s the innocent law abiding American citizens forced to hide under a desk with a nail file for protection because cities like DC and Chicago simply don’t want to address the real problem in the gun debate.  It’s the shooter, not the gun that needs to be addressed.

Taking away guns does nothing but weaken us and leave us to the whims of predators in need of treatment.

Today is Constitution Day so it’s appropriate to consider the importance of the Second Amendment which gives us the right to bear arms. That amendment assures citizens the right to own and possess guns.  That will never change in this country.  Red states will never give up their guns.  Neither will citizens in rural parts of purple and blue America.  It’s just not going to happen.

What can happen is recognition by both sides in this debate that guns in the hands of mentally ill people is bad.  We can do something about that.  If Obama was smart, rather than make a blatantly partisan attack on Republicans (which is what he did yesterday while all this was going on), he could propose a bipartisan effort to deal with mental health issues.  I’m almost certain that effort would be embraced by both sides of the aisle.

If this doesn’t happen, one thing is certain.  Shooters will keep shooting and innocent Americans will be ducking for cover or running for their lives in places they should feel safe.

It shouldn’t be that way.  As Americans, we have the right to bear arms and to be able to protect ourselves.  It’s the American way.