Mitt Romney—Fail Larry Instead of Hail Mary

March 4th, 2016

Mitt Romney evidently decided in the past couple of weeks to jump into the 2016 presidential race.  His desire to be relevant to the race culminated yesterday with a speech at the University of Utah where the number one target of his wrath was Donald Trump.

I guess he now thinks he’s some sort of expert at running for president, and that does make some sense since he’s done it twice (and failed twice).  It’s more likely he was recruited and recruited aggressively.  It’s reported that Paul Ryan, who had the most amazing stroke of luck recently in grabbing the House Speaker’s gavel after Kevin McCarthy was deemed a shoe in for the post, may be part of a group engaging in some dirty tricks to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination.  First it was Kevin McCarthy.  Now it’s Donald Trump.

Romney lost his last bid for the White House by being a wimp.  This is the same guy who couldn’t stand up to Candy Crowley of CNN.  Trump is now taking on Republicans and Democrats at the same time.  Romney clearly didn’t have the spine to even face Barack Obama alone.  Consequently, people just couldn’t see him as a strong person or leader. Sure he had some good ideas, but he just couldn’t cut it.

So now Romney decides to throw everything but the kitchen fridge at Trump.  If Romney had shown even half this much energy against Obama, he might have actually won. Now we just seem him pathetically hurling insults at Trump.

Everyone in the establishment is now clearly bent on taking down Trump.  Romney is just one piece of the puzzle.  They all probably thought Romney could turn some heads.  Instead, most people are just shaking their heads.

The GOP must be trying to employ some variation of Chinese water torture.  Just keep the drip drip drip going against Trump.  March 15th can’t possible come soon enough. We will continue to hear this sort of thing until hopefully Donald can seal the deal.  He will have to continue fending off detractors, but I think the real Hail Mary is the convention.

The convention is the lair of the RNC and the establishment so they figure if they can keep enough people involved to deny Trump the number of delegates he needs to clinch the nomination, they can take him to the floor of the convention and defeat him there. Convention goers will then decide the nominee on multiple ballots.  Some believe that Mitt Romney hopes to be the compromise candidate who will go on and face Hillary Clinton in November.

There is lots of plotting and scheming going on to reach that point.  Cruz and Rubio are chummy these days.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Trump has the numbers, clearly the most numbers, but if he falls just one delegate short there is a brokered convention and he’ll be at the mercy of the Rules Committee of the Republican National Convention.

Let’s hope Mr. Trump can hold off the others.  He is standing like the famous three hundred against an entire army.

Here’s hoping he can hold them off through March 15th.

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