Minneapolis! Vikings and Vexing Weather

January 31st, 2013

As a future feature of my blog, I will be sharing a few travel experiences as the opportunity arises. Occasionally, I may even randomly review a few hotels, restaurants, and hot spots in places I visit.

This week, I’ve been in Minneapolis.  The last time I visited here was for the Republican National Convention.  The weather was absolutely perfect then, and I was fortunate at that meeting to land my role in the documentary Electoral Dysfunction. Also, when I was Chairman of the Young Republicans, I joined with fellow YRs in Minneapolis to help get Norm Coleman elected.

I have a very warm place in my heart for Minneapolis.

That’s good because as I board the plane for the return trip home, every other part of my body is frozen solid.

The entire time I’ve been here, the temperature has been 1 degree.  I know this for a fact because that’s the temperature reading on all the bank clocks I saw in the city.  Then again, maybe they all just froze at that temperature before everything headed into subzero territory.

While this may sound like I had a horrible time, it was quite the opposite.  That speaks volumes about how great a visit to Minneapolis can be, even in the dead of winter.

What makes Minneapolis so wonderful are the people.  They’re beautiful inside and out.  You can definitely see and feel the Nordic influence in the city which is incredibly clean and efficient. People in Minneapolis are extremely nice and very welcoming. They put a real premium on healthy living which really rubs off on a visitor after being here a few days.

Lots of cities have skyways to avoid excessive cold or heat.  Minneapolis takes the skyway system to a whole new level.  The entire city is connected by these skyways, so you can avoid for the most part becoming a human icicle if you so choose.  The skyways also give a nice look to the city.  There is glass everywhere which in the lightness of winter gives the city a pristine appearance that’s very appealing.

I stayed at the Hotel Minneapolis which is perfectly located in a gorgeous old bank building.  Inside, there are beautiful old columns and a vault housing a wine collection.  This is part of the Marriott “Autograph” collection of hotels which are hotels built in old buildings with lots of local appeal and history.  If you come to Minneapolis, this is where you want to stay.

What also made the trip nice was the free light rail system down the Main Street where many popular restaurants are located.

There’s also a light rail train to the Airport that only costs $2.50.  I wish I’d known that before I took the taxi ride into town and shelled out $40.  Consider that my travel tip of the day.

I’ll certainly return to Minneapolis again . . . maybe even in January.

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