Meeting Dennis Miller

January 17th, 2013

I’m a huge fan of Dennis Miller.  He is super smart and hilarious.  Turns out he’s also a very nice person.

Last night, before my appearance on Fox News, I heard that Dennis Miller was down the hall in the green room.  I only had five minutes until my appearance on Cavuto, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to meet someone I admire so much.  Also, as all my friends know, I perform best under pressure so I figured I could run down there, make a quick introduction, and return to provide Neil Cavuto with my “analysis” of tax reform, no problem.

So I immediately sprinted down the hall in hopes of getting just a glimpse of Dennis Miller.  My signature eight inch heals didn’t even slow me down, and I apologize to all those people who had to dive out of the way as I ran down the hall.

A huge crowd was in the room when I got there.  Naturally, they all wanted to talk to Dennis Miller.  Now I’ve never asked for a picture from anyone at Fox, and I’d never bother a celebrity or elected official even though I’ve had lots of opportunities.  I decided to change that policy for Dennis Miller because he is just so cool.  I figured it was worth being a total dork and asking.

Actually, as it turns out, I’m not the one who asked.  A friend from Fox requested a picture for me and another Fox personality.  It’s probably because I’m so shy that she felt the need to step in there for me.  Okay, that’s obviously the biggest lie since Manti Te’o’s “girlfriend.”  I’m never shy about anything, but in this case, I’m glad she did the asking.

I was thrilled that Dennis Miller immediately said yes.  He was warm and friendly and quite refreshingly humble.  He even introduced himself to us even though we obviously knew who he was.  Contrary to public opinion, I don’t go around asking every good looking guy in NYC to take a picture with me.  (That’s probably because usually it’s the other way around).

What was especially nice about meeting Dennis Miller is that it gave me a lot of faith in people.  Here is a talented, brilliant guy who could probably demand special color M&Ms in a private dressing room, fresh water from Bali, and a driver to take him and an entourage to the Peninsula for a party with a bunch of A-listers who would themselves be thrilled to be in his company, but instead he couldn’t have been more polite and down to Earth.

I hate to say it, but I’ve sadly met a few “pundits” who think they deserve all the pomp and circumstance but whose name nobody but a handful of people has ever heard of. Even the slight hint of success instantly goes to their head and they become divas with a capital D.

After our respective appearances, I noticed that Dennis Miller grabbed his coat and walked out the door toward 6th Avenue in the rain.  No big production.  My admiration for the guy increased 300%.

One of the biggest compliments I ever received from anyone was from a producer who told me I was kind of a female Dennis Miller.  I strongly note the use of the words “kind of” because I know Dennis Miller is a huge talent, and if I only had a fraction of his ability, I’d consider that a huge achievement.

I’m sharing this five minute experience to encourage everyone to keep the faith—not everyone turns into a tool when they become famous or legendary.  And for you divas who are legends in your own minds—you know who you are—get a clue from Dennis Miller.

I encourage everyone to watch Dennis Miller wherever he appears (e.g., O’Reilly, TMZ, or on

He’s great.