March Madness Begins & I Agree with Obama! Go Hoosiers!

March 21st, 2013

Growing up in Indiana, like most Hoosiers, I love basketball.  Clearly, as sports go, it’s far better than all the rest.  Don’t even try arguing about that because you’ll be wrong.

NCAA’s March Madness tournament is the nation’s most exciting basketball tournament, particularly this year when the NBA is so dominated by the Miami Heat that the only way they’ll lose the Championship is if their bus driver loses the directions to the arena and they just don’t show up.

Years ago, Indiana high school basketball was terrific until the IHSAA did away with single class basketball and decided instead to host a multi-class tournament system.  This does away with the whole point behind the movie, Hoosiers.  Maybe smart legislators will take over the IHSAA, see the light, and make Indiana basketball legendary again.  Right now, they’re trapped in a caste system like California where everything must be redistributed in order to make it “fair and equitable.”  Because of that, we can’t have an exciting microcosm of Butler versus Duke.  Oh no, the idea that a small school can compete with a big one is considered just crazy talk.  IHSAA—you suck!

Glad to get that off my chest.

Anyway, back to NCAA March Madness.

I’m fairly certain I’ve never agreed with Obama on anything.  That’s why I nearly fell off my chair when I saw his bracket on television.  It’s the only good thing he’s produced since taking office.  As far as I’m concerned, his choice of the Indiana Hoosiers as National Champions is a slam dunk.

It actually feels good to agree with him on something because it shows that we can come together on some things.  It’s also refreshing to know that he too feels good about something that doesn’t confiscate my personal wealth or cast me in the role of evil Republican.

I know some of my Republican friends get very bent out of shape that the President wastes his time on his NCAA bracket when there are more important things he should be doing, but let’s face it.  When he’s filling out brackets, he’s not dreaming up new ways to tax us or quadruple the size of the Federal government.  After four years, it should be quite evident that this is what he’d be doing if he wasn’t so focused on basketball.  Clearly, we should embrace this “waste of time.”

It’s exciting to see Indiana basketball promoted this week, and not just the Hoosiers.  The Butler Bulldogs are another great team in the tournament, and they’re a great story since they’re a small school who does big things on the basketball court.

When, not if, Indiana wins the NCAA tournament, it will serve as another example of the great tradition of basketball in Indiana and highlight the state.  My favorite movie, Hoosiers (directed by the very talented Hoosier Angelo Pizzo), did just that by depicting the story of a little team from a small town (just eight miles from where I grew up) beating the odds to win a State Championship.

Let’s get the tournament underway so we can cheer the Hoosiers on to victory. Thanks President Obama for making a decision that makes sense.  Hopefully, this will start a trend we can all celebrate.

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