Make a Run for the Border (And I Mean Trump Not Taco Bell)

July 24th, 2015

Donald Trump didn’t start talking border security and building a wall just yesterday.  He’s been doing it for a very long time.  And he not only talks about a wall, he’s very specific about it right down to the bricks and mortar.  The great thing about Mr. Trump is that he won’t just talk a good game.  He’ll make it happen.

People like his style and it’s borne out in the latest polls where Trump is leading the other fifteen candidates in the race for the GOP nomination for president.  He’s ahead because he’s not afraid to make bold statements.  It’s certainly causing a tizzy in the GOP race with fellow candidate, Lindsay Graham, even stooping to calling Trump a “jackass.”  That prompted Trump to release Graham’s phone number to the public which now has Graham really losing it.  So what did he expect?  This is just a warning to all the other candidates.  Call Trump a jackass and you can expect the same treatment.

Back to the border—so Donald Trump says he’ll build a wall, and I’m sure it will be a fine one.  The idea of a border wall has been around for a very long time (it feels like it dates all the way back to the Great Wall of China), but Trump is the first person to discuss it in a way that you feel it could actually happen.

Yesterday, Trump went even further and actually visited the border despite Obama pulling his security at the eleventh hour.  Fortunately for Trump, he has his own security detail which was matched by more security, and he arrived and left safely.  As the border agents who were there let him know, his trip took guts.  What he did was dangerous, but he demonstrated that he’s not just someone who talks a good game, he stands behind those words with actions.

I’ve been a Trump fan for a long time and have been saying so on Fox News and through other media outlets for quite a while.  As a history major, I know a lot about where weak leaders have taken this country versus strong leaders.  The Obama, Carter, and Fillmores of the world turn out to be complete disasters because of their terrible judgment and lack of leadership while the Washington, Lincoln, and Reagans lead through strength and bring about prosperity.

Trump is one tough guy.  He’s someone cut out of the same cloth as our forefathers.  Trump is brave and courageous as he demonstrated at the border yesterday.  He’s showing he’s a tough no nonsense guy much like the patriots who founded this country by giving up their fortunes and risk being called traitors by daring to tell King George III “no thanks.”

Donald Trump has a fortune to lose through this endeavor, but he’s taking the chance because the country needs help.  Meanwhile, he has entities like Univision and Macy’s taking a stance against him.  Nice try, but their efforts aren’t working.  All they’ve done in my book is assure that I won’t patronize them nor will other likeminded people.

What makes Donald Trump great is that he isn’t poisoned by DC Potomac Fever.  Instead, he’s very much like the patriots who founded the country by fighting the system from the beginning.  Those people weren’t afraid to be deemed traitors and even to be called names like “jackass.” They didn’t care.  They just wanted the nation to be great.

Donald Trump is like them.  He’s a modern day patriot who loves our country and is willing to take a risk to make it great again.  I believe the collective spirit of Washington, Hamilton, and Franklin is cheering on a fellow patriot, Donald Trump, to succeed and truly make America great again.

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