Let’s Go Pacers! Beat the Heat (and their snotty attitude)

June 3rd, 2013

Funny how it got quiet in Miami after the Indiana Pacers pulled out a win in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals. I loved it!  After bragging that this series would take them four or at the most five games to dispatch the Pacers, the Heat is now sweating it out with Game Seven tonight in Miami.

Naturally, LeBron James is still whining about his fouls in the last game.  According to “King” James, they were all bad calls.

What is it with the attitude?

Give me a break.  What does this team or city have on the Indiana Pacers when it comes to basketball?  I don’t recall any great basketball movies (like Hoosiers) coming out of Miami, and I certainly can’t think of a basketball player like Larry Bird of French Lick, Indiana, born in Miami.

Some say history is against the Pacers. That’s a joke . . . and a very bad one.  Indiana is THE basketball state, and the Pacers are a great team.

Hey, LeBron, before you keep going with your naughty Heat attitude and fail to take the Pacers seriously, maybe you should check in with one Spike Lee who found out the hard way what the Pacers are all about.  Hope he likes baseball now, because the Pacers sent his Knicks packing in a big way.

Let’s face it, Miami has a couple of great beaches and fun places to hang out.

But sports?

Don’t make me laugh.  Sure, once upon a time the Miami Dolphins were dominant in the NFL.  That lasted a couple of years.  Since then, it’s been all downhill for that city’s sports teams.

Basketball is particularly a weak point for Miami.  I know they won last year, but one year does not make a sports town.

There really is nothing about Miami that makes it even remotely appealing to hard core sports fans.  Men wear Speedos there—eeew—and I bet LeBron wears them all the time.

What else do they have?  Let’s see.  Miami Vice.  Drinks with flowers in them.  Grainy gravelly beaches.  Cheesy bars and restaurants with lots of overweight guys with shirts unbuttoned down to their belly buttons wearing numerous gold chains and bracelets against their brownish orange skin which is what you get when you self-tan and then spend hours at the beach.  Everyone drives a leased sports car there because they can’t afford to buy such a car but they want to show off.

That’s one area where the Miami Heat team fits the city.  Like Miami, the Heat is a team full of show-offs.

The only good thing to come out of Miami is Marco Rubio and he’s definitely awesome.

So let’s cheer for the Pacers tonight—a hardworking team from the Hoosier state—and recall with nostalgia the deep roots and rich history of the game in Indiana whether it’s high school, college, or the pros.

At the same time, let’s watch the Miami Heat have a well-deserved total meltdown with their bad attitude which already makes them losers before they’ve even set foot on a basketball court.