Just Let the House Burn Down Because No Deal Better Than Bad Deal

October 16th, 2013

It looks like the GOP is caving and will raise the debt ceiling once again.  Back about ten years ago, the debt was seven trillion dollars when then Senator Barack Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling because it was un-American to pile debt on our kids.  Ten trillion additional dollars later and we’re still racking up the debt, and he’s leading the way (which is one of the rare instances when he does lead).

How ridiculous that we keep tying weights to our body and not realize that we’ll eventually drown and die. Our debt is outrageous and ObamaCare may just be the anvil that takes us to the bottom of the ocean.  That may sound dramatic, but it’s just true.  What’s going on right now is historic and horrifying.

Where are the patriots that we need?  Who will fight to insure our liberty and financial security?  Americans don’t want ObamaCare so the one silver bullet we had to stop or slow it down is replaced with a pop gun.

When the going gets tough the weenies hand over their buns.  When it gets hot in the kitchen the pansies cry into their aprons.

Obama and ObamaCare will ruin this country if someone doesn’t take a stand.  This is the worst president with the worst policies in our history.  Now he’s pledging to work on immigration reform.  Unfortunately, amnesty for illegal aliens will likely be his next goal in which case we might as well all join Richard Branson and move to an island somewhere.

The Spirit of 1776 seems to get fainter and fainter.  There are true soldiers of America out there.  Hopefully, some of them will run to replace these weak whining elected officials who won’t fight for what’s right.

Clearly, the GOP doesn’t stand for anything anymore.  We’re the new Whigs. The GOP might as well go down to the closet wig shop and don what they deserve to wear—the scarlet headgear.  Where is the courage and backbone?

I don’t want to be Europe, and we are starting to really look like croissant eating wusses.  Instead of raising their teacups with their pinkies held out, we should demand elected officials who will raise their pitchforks (figuratively speaking of course) and fight.

Where is our George Washington?  Our William Wallace?  We need leaders who would never waiver and heroes willing to fight for what’s right.  We need to replace the DC debutantes and recruit real rebels to end this establishment escapade.

Our party is a failure.  We need new leadership across the board.   Get rid of all of them. The only true leadership seems to come from governors and a few people in DC who haven’t been affected.

The GOP got squat in this whole futile escapade.  Pathetic.  It’s time to look at each leader and member one by one and replace these losers.

We need to change government across the board in Washington before it’s too late.

That is unless we’re already doomed as a nation which just might be the case.



  1. Posted Oct 16 2013 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    YES! Burn baby burn! Let some of the leeches find a real job and hold all politicians accountable in November 2014 for the mess we are in today! This started years ago and has escalated at an incredible rate in the last 5 years. Washington has no desire to work for The American Citizen any more, only themselves. It’s time to start firing people and then rescind any and all perks to any politician that has benefitted financially from their political position forever.

  2. Mike Missi
    Posted Oct 16 2013 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

    I’m disappointed here in Indiana’s 9th. Why can’t they stand firm? Where is the guts to stand up for the voters? They seem to think Obama, Reid and Pelosi are now, for some reason…….going to work across party lines!