Just for Thanksgiving—Top 9 Turkeys of the Season

November 25th, 2015

9.  Twitter handle “Think Again Turn Away” (@thinkagain_dos)—whoever is tweeting this from the State Department should be fired.  We’re all paying for some goofball’s Twitter account that belittles a very serious topic.  It’s just plain stupid and weird.

8. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani for ruining The Voice.  Their public romance changes the dynamic of the whole show for the worse.

7.  Macy’s for being such jerks to Donald Trump by pulling his merchandise simply because he’s taking an America first stance.

6.  New York Times for their cat photo snafu.  Really?   Newspapers are going out of business right and left and this paper is mocking the news and in this case history. Get a clue, folks.  The Pulitzer Prize committee will change the award’s name if you keep up this brand of “journalism.”

5.  American Apparel asking their employees to wear t-shirts bearing the slogan “Ask me to take it all off” on Black Friday. Obviously, this company didn’t learn a lesson after firing its creepy boss.

4.  Anyone out there who really believes that climate change is more important than fighting terrorism.

3.  Barack Obama for being the worst president in United States history.  Thanks to this president, the next Commander in Chief will find a challenge rivaling some of the most difficult times in American history.

2.  Turkey for shooting the Russian pilots dead as they parachuted to the ground.

1.  Terrorists who killed all those innocent people in Paris.

Happy Turkey Day to all (except the turkeys on this list)!