Jay Carney Thinks We’re Stupid

January 10th, 2014

One of the more notable things Robert Gates offers in his upcoming book is his observation that Vice President Joe Biden was wrong about every foreign policy decision in the past forty years.

No sooner had that little gem come out than the White House issued a photograph of Biden enjoying lunch with President Obama. Questioned about the conveniently timed photograph, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that the timing was a “coincidence.”

No one, not even members of the Obama Fan Club (i.e., the mainstream media), is buying that one.  The fact that Carney dared say it is rather embarrassing for him.  That he thought anyone would really believe it is truly disturbing.  Saying something so clearly ridiculous with a straight face suggests that Carney and others in the White House actually believed that we might be convinced to believe such nonsense.

In other words, they think we’re stupid.

On behalf of many (but sadly not all) Americans, I take great offense to that.

Through the current Chris Christie crisis that the press is enjoying for the moment, a constant theme is ripe for discussion.  The question of the day is whether or not Christie’s leadership resulted in an administration culture that would cause staff members to see no problem with causing traffic nightmares for commuters in order to retaliate against a sitting mayor.

Fortunately, the same is now being asked about President Obama’s leadership.  Does his leadership style result in an administration culture where staff members and government officials feels free to do whatever they want because in the end they know nothing will really ever happen to them as a result?

Since this isn’t the first time Carney has uttered a whopper from the podium of the White House Briefing Room, is there also an administration culture that naturally assumes that Americans are generally so gullible and uninformed that they won’t question whatever comes from the lips of the president’s mouthpiece?

It’s not like this “leadership style” is foreign to other parts of the world.  Dictatorships routinely employee “state run media” to make all kinds of outrageous claims that the average citizen on the street must know is total rubbish.  The only thing keeping that system going is the fact that to criticize or even snicker at such statements in those countries can land the offending party in the equivalent of the Gulag.  In this country, we can and should freely call out such nonsense.

The frightening thing is that when the White House Press Secretary says something so blatantly ridiculous about why a photograph was taken, you have to wonder what more important issues and events he gives the same sort of treatment.

From now on, we need to loudly condemn this blatant disrespect for our intelligence.

Mr. Carney needs to know that while we acknowledge that not everyone in this country is a rocket scientist, no one is as stupid as he evidently would like to believe.