It’s a Start: Obama Visits Texas to Learn How to Create Jobs

May 9th, 2013

Kicking off his “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour,” President Obama travels to my hometown, Austin, Texas, today.

I can’t think of a better place for him to begin learning how to create jobs—Texas.

I don’t often commend President Obama, but today I offer him a friendly Texas welcome (“Howdy”) and tell him that I think it’s a huge step forward for him acknowledging that he has a problem.  He doesn’t know a thing about creating jobs as evidenced by his first four years in office. Coming to a place that clearly knows how it’s done, Texas, is a good first step in moving in the right direction.

Some are speculating that he has some secret agenda to promote Democrats in Texas by visiting the liberal blip on the Texas map that is Austin.  My hope is this is not the case and that instead of engaging in some sort of blatant political exercise he’ll actually take the time to join Governor Rick Perry and other Texas Republicans and get educated on how jobs are created.

Austin is definitely a booming, thriving place.  So is Dallas for that matter and other places in Texas.  Left to its own liberal leanings, I don’t think Austin would find itself in such a stellar position without the rest of the Lone Star State which encourages job creation through low taxation and regulation.

In reading about Obama’s trip today, a couple of things struck me as almost funny if it wasn’t kind of sad.

First, I looked at the information about the trip.  On the White House blog describing the visit is a short video from Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States (who knew there was such a person).  Mr. Park seems like a really nice guy.  Unfortunately, that’s about all he appears to be—an ordinary nice guy.

In his explanation of the trip, he mentions that Obama is coming to Austin because the city leads the country in manufacturing and technology job growth.  He explains that Austin has created “tons of new jobs.”  Hmm. . . .  I never knew you could measure jobs by weight.  Perhaps this has been a fundamental problem suffered by the Administration all along.  They’ve been using the wrong form of measurement in determining where we are on job creation.

I also looked at a few news reports about the trip.  Small wonder the press is doing its best to knock Texas off its high horse by mentioning the problem the state may face in the future delivering water to the huge numbers of Americans from other states migrating here.

The way I read these articles, this is meant as a slam towards Texas, as though Perry and the State Legislature didn’t do enough to end the drought in the state.  I know Obama seems to think he possesses some supernatural powers at times.  If he can honestly produce water here with one of his speeches, then I might seriously reconsider my votes in 2008 and 2012. Until then, I stand firm in my decision.

Last weekend, I went to Utah.  While there, I was struck that everywhere I went people were talking about the bad economy and how they struggle to keep up.  While Texas isn’t perfect, it definitely has a different feel.  We’re positive and optimistic while I sense much of the rest of the country remains depressed and defeated.

So, I’m glad Obama is here today.  I hope he learns something.

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