It Was Terrorism Not Just a Tragedy—Let’s Not Let Them Win—We are the USA!

April 16th, 2013

We are all devastated by the Boston Marathon bombings. The cowards who did this, whoever they are, clearly wanted to bring harm to Americans on Patriots Day in Boston at a high profile event.  We lost a poor little 8-year-old boy who was running to hug his father after the race only to lose his life moments later.

Numerous people had limbs blown off and we’ve lost three lives with over 150 people injured.  For what?  What cause can anyone in their right mind attempt to justify such an outrageous act? Some jerks (which is putting it mildly) clearly wanted to do harm to the American psyche and make us suffer.

Guess what?  We refuse to give you the satisfaction.  You can’t win.  No one in Boston or in America for that matter will cower to your hideous behavior.  We will continue on proudly with our lives.

While we won’t let you affect us in the manner which you clearly intended, that doesn’t mean we won’t do everything in our power to find you and give you the punishment you so richly deserve.  We want to understand why you did this and we want to assure that we can be safer in the future.

We are the United States of America, and when you mess with us, you only make us stronger.  Boston has a long and glorious history of fighting, and I have no doubt they’ll keep right on doing just that.  This time, however, they will have the entire country behind them. This is when Americans unite.

In all the tragedy, I’m heartened by the inspiring stories I’ve read about the people who were at the scene who ran to the bloodshed and danger, not away from it, to help their fellow citizens.  These people acted without blinking.  They just did what they know is right.  It’s the American spirit and it’s stronger than any other anywhere in the world.

So many people across the globe want to live in the United States precisely because of that American spirit.  We love our country and our fellow citizens and nothing will stand in the way of us protecting one another.

So to all of our enemies, know now that we’re even stronger than we were before.  Know that we will fight to the end to maintain our country and way of life.

The phrase “Don’t Tread on Me” isn’t just an interesting phrase from our past.  It means something.  Remember that the flag on which that phrase is written includes a picture of a coiled snake ready to strike.

Whoever did this, be ready.  You’ve foolishly angered the snake, and you’ll soon learn the consequences of your evil act against us.