Is Tweeting from the Grave Really a Good Idea?

February 25th, 2013

Recent announcements that two new services will soon allow you to post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter long after your mortal being exits this planet (i.e., you’re dead) kind of gives me the creeps.

According to DeadSocial and _LivesOn, if you sign up for their services eventually you’ll be able to announce your own passing on Facebook or tweet the news.

It gets better.

You might even be able to continue posting and sending tweets for 100 years.  If your heirs really enjoy hearing from you now and again, they may even be able to extend your missives for 400 years.

I suppose I could deal with one last heartfelt goodbye after a loved one passes, but to hear from them ever after?  I’m not so sure.

You know the sort of people who’ll sign up for the posting in perpetuity feature.  These are the same people who clog your Facebook page with never ending family photos and announcements about what they had for breakfast. They’ll love nothing more than to keep it going for a century.

What are the living supposed to do?

Defriend them?

One service suggests that you could prearrange your messages for given dates or anniversaries.  How exactly is that supposed to work?  What if you decide to wish Uncle Fred “Happy Birthday” for the next 100 years only he was the one driving when you met your Maker, and he joined you on the journey? How tacky!

What about wishing a Happy Anniversary to your brother and his wife?  Sounds great unless they go through some bitter divorce and your message is an unfortunate reminder of the tortured relationship.  Naturally, they’ll both think you’re an insensitive jerk.  The only good news is that since you’re dead they can’t punish your rude behavior by giving you the “cold shoulder” because you’ll already have one.

The only value I can see in this is if you’re one of those people who tells your spouse or significant other that you want them to go on and meet someone after you’re gone, but you really don’t mean it.  Sending them constant reminders of your prior existence might just put the brakes on another trip down the aisle for them.

Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I’m just not seeing this as a good thing.  However, if I change my mind, I already know my two last tweets.