Iran is Building the Bomb—Where is our Reagan?

June 1st, 2015

Edmund Burke’s words have never been more prophetic—“those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”  So are the words of Ronald Reagan during his presidential debate against the disastrous Jimmy Carter, “there you go again.” In the latter case, this applies aptly to the situation we face today with Iran where that country continues to lie, taunt, and push us away and yet we seem more than happy to oblige them.

Jimmy Carter let this behavior stand to historically grave consequences with the Shah of Iran deposed and the rise of an Islamic state in that country.  Today we’re doing the same thing only to a worse result—Iran ultimately possessing a nuclear weapon.

Obama and Carter appear to be cut from the same cloth—weak mesh.  They have so much in common on so many levels, but one of their most obvious historical similarities is their relationship with Iran.  In both cases, Iran runs roughshod over the United States, making its presidents look like fools with both of their administrations appearing to be willing participants in the debacle.

Currently, it’s patently obvious that Iran is building a nuclear weapon and we’re letting them.  When their task is finally accomplished, it will be too late to turn back.  World War III could easily unfold.  Ronald Reagan’s mantra was peace through strength.  Obama’s set path appears to be war through weakness.

Carter was clearly no different from Obama.  History will view both men as weak on foreign policy which inevitably makes the world a more dangerous place.  Carter’s behavior resulted in the Shah being deposed while Obama’s policies will put nuclear weapons in dangerous hands.  I know more today than I used to about the Carter situation since my husband recently played the Shah in a film, Price for Freedom.  Carter’s policies left the Shah escaping his country with only a box of soil from his native land while the Ayatollah Khomeini seized power and held American diplomats hostage for 444 days.

How does such a thing happen?  How does an American president allow this sort of result?

Fast forward to today where the Obama administration’s clearly weak and passive attitude towards events abroad have resulted in the tragedy at Benghazi and American beheadings abroad.  Meanwhile, Obama makes a few remarks and then plays a round of golf.

The American patriots who risked their lives for the birth of this nation would never understand its current weak leadership.  Where is our George Washington? Ronald Reagan?

The weakness of Carter set into motion the chain of events leading to ISIS today.  Obama’s decision to pull our troops from Iraq allows it to flourish today.

Our only hope going forward is electing a president who will drop the hammer the way Reagan did when he was elected.  Basically, he told the Iranians to release the hostages or we’d start bombing everything.  They released them because he had the courage to tell them what he’d do if they failed to let them go, and they fully believed that his words would be backed up with strong action.

None of our enemies believe this about Obama today.  Instead, our path is clearly paved with sand.  The Obama administration has weakened our nation in so many ways, but nowhere will it be more lasting than if Iran gets a nuclear weapon.  That could well be our death knell.

Republicans won the House and Senate but that’s not enough to prevent this tragedy from unfolding.  We need to elect a Republican president who will stop this from happening.  For starters, the country club mentality needs to end in Washington.  We also need to get very serious about electing our next president.  That means that Republicans who are simply running to sell books (Santorum and Pataki for example) need to get out of the race immediately.  Having such a crowded field only weakens the eventual nominee.

We need a strong president who will not allow Iran or any other country for that matter to push us around.  We are at a historic time.  If we don’t elect a Republican president, we could very well lose the Republic altogether.

So much is at stake this election cycle that all Americans must join the fight.

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