Implementation Will Kill Obamacare

September 25th, 2013

Media reports this week focus on the food fight between Republicans over how to handle defunding of Obamacare and a possible government shutdown.

Clearly, the press loves all of this because they believe it will harm the Republican Party.  More importantly, though, it will take attention off Obama’s baby, Obamacare itself.

Their hope is that next week we’ll all be talking about what a government shutdown will look like. Will Social Security recipients get their checks?  Can schoolchildren visit the Lincoln Memorial and other DC landmarks?

Funny, but no one is really talking about one of the biggest events in American history about to take place next week—the opening of Obamacare’s government exchanges and the official beginning of government mandated health care.

I’m curious if they’ll kick the whole thing off with a ribbon cutting or countdown.  It’s such a huge milestone, you’d think they’d want to commemorate it with a big splashy production hailing its official arrival.

That’s possible, but I doubt that’s what you’ll see.  No, I think instead President Obama and the Democrats will make sure American’s eyes and ears are firmly trained elsewhere.

Really, it’s for our own good.

Only truly demented people enjoy watching a train wreck in progress.

In the past few weeks, I’ve talked to a number of people currently without insurance. I have yet to meet one who is happy about being forced to choose between purchasing government mandated health insurance and paying a fine.

As one person told me, “I don’t have room in my budget for the insurance or the fine.”  In case you’re wondering, she doesn’t qualify for the subsidy either. Even people who qualify for the subsidy may find their budget so tight that they can’t afford the insurance plans available on the exchanges.

Yesterday, Bill Clinton (evidently substituting for Oprah), participated in an event with President Obama designed to promote Obamacare.

In a telling moment, Obama claimed that the reason Republicans oppose the initial implementation of Obamacare is because they know once “consumers get hooked on having health insurance and subsidies, then they won’t want to give it up.”

That’s probably true.  We’d all like free food, shelter, and vacations, too, and probably wouldn’t want to give that up either if the government would just give it to us, but we can’t afford it as a country.

I will give him this though.  It really is easier as a politician to promise people goodies than to have to share with them the cold hard truth that nothing in life really is ever free. Eventually the gravy train derails. Unfortunately, that’s been the modus operandi of Democrats for retaining power at all levels of government for the past several decades.

What’s interesting is that Obama isn’t even correct in what he’s saying.  People are not going to like Obamacare.  Once it’s really implemented and people are actually forced to buy insurance or pay a fine, they’ll be clamoring to get rid of it.  Why?  Because no one likes to be forced to buy something they really don’t want or think they need.

He also said, “Make your own decision about whether it is good for you.  What we are confident about is when people look and see they can get high quality, affordable health care less than their cell phone bills, they’re going to sign up.”

I have a different theory.  When people see that they have to choose between paying for the cell phone service they actually want and the health insurance the government makes them buy, they aren’t going to like it one bit.

That I believe is what will eventually kill Obamacare.




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