Imagine all the “Substandard” Things Government Can Fix Next

October 31st, 2013

Slowly, President Obama is revealing his level of faith in the intelligence of the average American.

Evidently, it’s pretty low.

After telling everyone for years that if they like their insurance plan they can keep their insurance plan, yesterday he added a caveat.

You can’t keep your plan if the government deems it “substandard.”  Really, it’s for your own good, or at least that’s what he’s telling us.

Granted, many of the people losing that “substandard insurance” can’t afford new insurance either because the subsidy isn’t high enough to cover the difference or they make too much to get subsidized in the first place.  To that, he appears to have one word.


Besides, there aren’t that many of you out there.  Only about 15 million Americans will face this particular conundrum.  That’s just five percent of the insurance market.  You know how it goes in this country.  We can’t worry ourselves with the problems of every single person.  If you don’t like it, join a union or make a donation to the Democrats so you can qualify for an exemption.  Otherwise, go shopping on the exchanges (when you can) and get over it already.

From Obama’s perspective, the best thing to come from this revelation that you really can’t keep something the government deems substandard, as well as the new policy that the government can make you buy a product it approves, is that it opens up endless possibilities for the government to run other aspects of our lives.

After healthcare, the next obvious place for such control is housing.  I’ve even read some “progressives” assert that just as everyone has a right to healthcare, they also have a right to housing.

Using the line of thinking the president described yesterday, it wouldn’t be just any housing either.

You like to sleep in a tent?  Well, you’re an idiot.  The government can step in and save you from your own stupidity.

Government approved and mandated housing in places like New York City would be really tough to pull off—almost as tough as overhauling the entire healthcare system, but obviously it needs to be done in order to protect this right.

In New York’s case, many people in that city live in 1,000 square feet and pay a flat fortune for the privilege.  On its face, that seems “substandard.”

How could the government correct this injustice in a place like New York?

Everyone needs space.  Lighting is helpful to ward off the blues, so a few windows should be mandatory.  Also, it shouldn’t feel like a prison cell.  Kitchen, bath, and sleeping areas should be separate.

What about amenities?  We’d all benefit from exercise.  Clearly, each person has a right to access to some form of exercise equipment with onsite government approved personal training staff.  That feature alone should nicely blend our right to healthcare with our right to housing.

How will we pay for all of this?  The Democrats’ obvious answer is to tax the “rich.”  Yes, they will pay for all of it.

Oh wait, evidently you can take all their money and not come close to even paying for what the government is already pledged to do.

I guess we’ll have to do what those 15 million Americans losing their insurance plan will be doing.  The middle class will need to pay more.

Before you get all bent out of shape about that remember what President Obama told you yesterday.

He’s just looking out for your own best interest since obviously you can’t manage it yourself.