If You Really Want to Know How ObamaCare Will Work—Ask Your Doctor

December 12th, 2013

Yesterday, I visited my doctor for an annual exam.

It’s not always easy making small talk during these visits and after asking her for suggestions on how I can lose weight, and she looked at my chart and informed me that she didn’t see much hope in that, I didn’t want to risk any more bad news by getting too personal.  Besides, I ate bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday, so I’m guessing my cholesterol levels from my blood work will be off the charts, so I’m expecting even more gloom and doom later.

I noticed she had lots of posters reading “Stop ObamaCare” all over her office, so I felt like this was a safer topic to explore.

Her comments were quite interesting.

I asked her what she thought about the idea that this whole exercise will lead to a single payer healthcare system.

She immediately shook her head.

“No,” she answered, “We’re going to a two tiered healthcare system.  In fact, we’re headed in that direction already.  There will be concierge medicine for some people and another program for everyone else.”

I found that interesting because that’s exactly what I was told when I visited Italy last summer.  While there, I spoke to a woman who works for a friend of mine.  She told me that in Italy, there is government healthcare for everyone and then there is better healthcare if you can afford it.

“It works like private school,” she explained, “You pay taxes for the public system, but if you want something better, you pay more money for a private system.”

I shared this with another friend of mine who has many friends living in the United Kingdom.  One of her friends gave birth in London.  She paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to go to the nicer hospital with the better doctors to give birth.

If this is the direction healthcare is going then ironically it’s ideologically opposed to everything the Obama administration promotes. It will become a healthcare system where the wealthy will be treated well (albeit for a considerable amount of money) while everyone else will need to stand in line and take whatever the government can afford and is willing to give them.

With ObamaCare just beginning its implementation phase, few people are exploring what comes after it.  People who practice medicine and know how the real world works seem absolutely convinced that ObamaCare will fail.  That makes looking beyond ObamaCare imperative.

Obama frequently chides Republicans to come up with their own ideas if they don’t like his plan.  Many members of the GOP have done just that, but their ideas get little press.

Hopefully, as it becomes clearer that ObamaCare won’t work, Republicans will become proactive in finding the solution to the post-ObamaCare world.

Otherwise, when the time comes, let’s hope we each have the money necessary to afford quality medical care.