If Hillary & Huma are Examples of Strong Women—We’re All in Trouble

July 31st, 2013

When Americans are asked to name “strong” or “influential” women in the country today, Hillary Clinton’s name is always at the top of the list.  Her stock is so high that she is the clear frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for President in 2016.

Her most notable protégé is Huma Abedin, wife of current NYC mayoral candidate and late night laughingstock, Anthony Weiner.  While the press currently is spinning the story that Bill and Hillary always disapproved of Weiner while considering Abedin their second daughter, the couple not only attended the 2010 Abedin/Weiner nuptials—Bill Clinton officiated the wedding.

Now Hillary & Company are walking a tightrope towards the 2016 campaign. After Abedin not only stood next to Weiner at a truly humiliating press conference but proclaimed her love and support for him, the Hillary 2016 campaign machine is doing everything in its power to make clear that Huma is not simply following the lead of her mentor in supporting a husband who would make a perfect guest on an episode of Divorce Court.

Ever since Hillary Clinton came on the scene, supporting her husband through Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and then the ultimate scandal, Monica Lewinsky, I’ve been rather annoyed by the press touting her as the American woman most likely to be honored with a monument on the National Mall someday.  Feminists are particularly enamored with her, and I’m not exactly sure why.

If I discovered my husband did all the things Bill Clinton did, he would garner a new title on my resume—ex-husband.  The fact that she stood by him through all his dalliances is certainly her business, but it also says a lot about her.  Most people suspect she stuck with him because she enjoyed the access to all the power and prestige.  By continuing in that “relationship” (such that it is), she could maintain a path to power for herself.

As an example to other women, that begs the question.  Is it a good idea to tie yourself to a powerful man, even one who humiliates you, as a career move? If that’s truly the best we can all do then we really do still have a very long way to go.

Huma clearly looks up to Hillary.  Yet, when the press pointed out that perhaps Huma is simply following in Hillary’s footsteps and living by her example, the Clintons evidently came unglued. They are still twisting themselves in knots trying to come up with examples of why Huma’s behavior is far different than that of her idol.

I don’t see much difference.  It’s interesting to note that Hillary is herself following the example of the woman she claims to most admire.

Until Hillary came on the scene, Eleanor Roosevelt was often pointed to as a woman to admire.  Like Hillary, Eleanor dealt throughout her marriage with infidelity.  One big difference between the two, however, is that FDR seemed to go to some pains to hide his affairs (mostly to keep his mother from finding out) and also because social norms of the day were considerably different than the 1990’s when Bill Clinton’s transgressions came to light.

A better example of a truly strong woman comes from across the pond and the 1980’s.  How much do you know about Denis Thatcher, husband of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?


It’s 2013 and the world has changed considerably even from Mrs. Thatcher’s day.  With it should be the example of what a strong woman is and should be.

Hanging on to a man to keep power is so 1998 and should be behind us.

The same goes for Hillary Clinton as an example for strong women everywhere.