I Have the Best Husband in the World—Sorry About Your Loss

August 5th, 2015

These last few days have featured a whirlwind of break-ups.  Miranda and Blake.  Will and Jada.  Gwen and Gavin.

This morning came the ultimate shocker.  After forty years together, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are calling it quits.  Perhaps it was caused by difficulty working together and remaining a couple under the Disney umbrella.  Maybe there was another frog involved.  Who knows?  Like all these celebrity splits, the two are trying to publicly remain amicable.

Clearly, these past few weeks haven’t been the high mark in advertising the institution of marriage or relationships for that matter.

We all know that the statistics for marriage longevity lately haven’t been good in the past few years.  That’s what makes it all the more special when you find someone you know you want to be your mate.

I wrote a blog about the appearance of the blue moon last Friday.  Maybe the appearance of the blue moon is the cause of all these blue reports.  It’s probably more likely, however, that couples don’t have the simple but magic formula for a successful relationship which is putting your partner first as well as the other things that go along with that like respect, love, and consideration.

When things are going great and everything is a pleasure, it’s easy.  We always hear that relationships take work and it’s hard.  Well, sorry to break the news but the truth is it’s not that hard when you’re with the right person. Face it.  When you pick the wrong person, you’re just doomed.

It may sound oversimplified, but it’s not.  Why keep suffering with a wrong fit when you know it’s never going to get better?  Fighting couples who aren’t happy should just move on.  Because guess what?  It’s never going to get better and the more time you waste on a clunker the less time you’ll have to spend with the right person.

Here is another fact that seems to get lost in the mix.  People don’t change so if you aren’t thrilled with what you see don’t think it’s going to get better.  Likely, it will just get worse.  The more time you waste on a loser, the less time you have to spend with the right person.

Not everyone can luck out like I did.  I have a husband who wants me happy every minute of the day.  He cooks for me, sings to me, and treats me like a queen and that’s because he’s a king.  Ladies—men who don’t do this aren’t worth your time.  Move on quickly.

I have lots of girlfriends and the ones who are desperately looking for love and affection are often disappointed by cheaters and losers.  I feel like a broken record telling them to forget it and it’s the guy’s loss.  Men have no problem simply moving on, why should women?

Perhaps it’s because women are fixers.  They want to make things right and feel it’s a failure on their part if they don’t.  They shouldn’t feel that way.

Instead, they should pick themselves up and keep looking for the right person.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It’s what you learn from those mistakes that’s important.  For instance, if you’re always picking a guy who clearly thinks his car or his Fantasy Football team is a priority then make it a point to steer clear of guys who think this way.  Then figure out what you want and make it a priority to find the type of person who will make you happy.  A relationship should be a joy, not work.  A positive energy, not a dark place.

Situations might be hard but the relationship should not and won’t be if you are with the right person.  So go out there and cut loose the deadweight or loser Louie.  Just try to do it before you get married or get married and have kids.  Good luck in your quest, and I hope everyone can have at least half the husband I do.

He’s perfect.

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