Hollywood Has No Clue about Trump . . . . Or Much Else

February 23rd, 2016

Everywhere I go in Hollywood these days, I hear the same thing.  Trump is a joke.  He’ll never last.  Trump is a fad.

Well, guess what?

That fad is about to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

All along the way the so-called “experts” have been completely wrong.  Hollywood has predicted his demise from the start.  Evidently, they get most of their news from The Huffington Post who made a big point of covering the Trump campaign on the Entertainment page for months.  Hopefully they’ll keep it up when he’s president so the Hollywood folks can find out more news than what the Kardashians are up to.

If there’s one thing that’s painfully obvious around here, it’s that Hollywood doesn’t know anything about a substantive political campaign.  In fact, many of them don’t have a clue about a topic unless they read it in a script and for some of them that doesn’t even work because reading is also a challenge. A few of them probably believe that the burning political issue of the day is whether or not Selina Meyer will stay in power when the new season of Veep begins.

There are a few exceptions to this rule but not many.  I’ve never been around so many lightweights who clearly don’t know what’s going on in the world in my life.  If it’s not a latest trend or some BS faux cause for publicity or hottest anything, they really don’t know or care.

Forget talking about what makes our country great or who is running for president, hook them up to polygraph machines and pretty soon it will be painfully obvious that it means absolutely nothing to them no matter how many Save the Earth rallies they fly their Lear Jets to attend.

And yet, they have very strong opinions.  That’s the crazy thing.  Give them a test on the state of the federal budget for example and they’re lost.  Ask them about Kanye West’s budget (or lack thereof), however, and they can probably answer both multiple choice questions and even write quite an essay. But they know what they absolutely don’t like and their answer is Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is a favorite target around here.  Being a Trump supporter in this sea of sycophants is a clown show.  I don’t even contribute to a conversation anymore because it’s always so dumb that it’s not even worth the effort.

The state of California is on the verge of ruin thanks to all the liberal handout BS, but Hollywood doesn’t care.  They are only into themselves.  In general, this is a very selfish and self-absorbed group.

Sure they all do charity and humanitarian work but the dirty little secret is that most of them do it solely for publicity.  If you ask them too much about it, they can’t tell you much.  Usually it’s a job.

Yes, newsflash, these Hollywood types get paid to speak.

Now I’m not knocking making a living.  Everyone needs to do it.  Just ask Hillary Clinton and why she took all that money from Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street.  She has to put food on the table and pantsuits in the closet.  I get that.

I just believe that you need to be honest about what you’re doing and that’s where Hollywood fails. So when they start criticizing Donald Trump so badly, it just irks me.  Here’s a man who worked hard to build businesses and create jobs and yet he’s the target of a bunch of hypocrites who only really care about themselves.

Donald Trump could have just cruised through the rest of his life with billions and a beautiful wife, but he’s putting himself out there to take on the Herculean task of getting America back on track.  As I’ve said many times on national television, I believe Trump will be an incredible president.  He’s a winner who puts tremendous work into a project until it’s a success.

This selflessness is counter to what much of Hollywood stands for.  Most of these Hollywood people don’t pick out their food, clothes, have managers, agents, stylists, and publicists. You name it and they’ve got everything they need to make their lives very easy.  They have zero ability to look beyond themselves except of course when it comes to Donald Trump.  When it comes to him, they’re experts.

But here’s the crazy ironic thing.

When he’s elected, they’ll be all over him in a New York minute.  Hollywood will flock to him not just because he’s the latest thing but because they’ll also need things from him.  Trust me, I know. Working for President Bush, I saw the many things Hollywood asks of presidents.

They’ll also want to hang out with Trump and Melania because it will be the very hot cool thing to do.  Remember, in Hollywood it’s all style and very little substance.  They’ll all suddenly say, “Let’s hang with Trump because he’s a star.”

My guess is that Mr. Trump will have a long memory.  Unlike the left coast that only cares about what the “yuge” thing is at a given moment, Trump will look forward and do things for the good of the country.

Hooray for Trumptown!  It has a much better ring to it than Tinseltown as far as I’m concerned.

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