Hoda & Kathie Lee–Oh Nooo–They Need to go Groom!

March 19th, 2013

Mornings can be rough sometimes.  You wake up, look in the mirror, and the bed head staring back at you is frightening.  (That would be you—not me—I always look good the minute I get out of bed for some reason).  After surviving the shock, you walk to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  Only problem is you evidently put the entire bag into the coffee pot and your coffee is so strong it could grow hair on your chest . . . or elsewhere . . . which is the last morning horror . . . and the biggest.

You turn on the television to watch The Today Show for some reason.  Obviously, you don’t get cable.  There on the screen is Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford boozing it up and talking about their personal grooming habits.  We’re not talking showering or teeth brushing.  We’re not even talking shaving.  No, this discussion is about waxing a part of the body that few are likely to see unless you’re a gynecologist.

As you know from my Oscar post-mortem blog, I’m not a big fan of facial hair.  Matter of fact, I hate it.  I prefer a totally clean look.  Let’s just say my opinion is consistent when it comes to all forms of grooming.

While I have my personal opinions on this matter (with which Hoda and Kathie Lee evidently disagree), I nearly lost my breakfast listening to these two go on and on about their personal grooming habits.  Maybe it was the morning show format.  Sometimes you hear these sorts of conversations on late night television.  In fact, this is something Chelsea Lately could have probably tackled and made work.

Sadly, a smashed Hoda and Kathie Lee didn’t even come close to succeeding with this bit.  I really didn’t need the visual of Kathie Lee’s flora and fauna and the fact she believes it’s good to just let things go.  I also could have lived without Hoda’s revelation that she has a “landing strip,” and I don’t mean a private airport (although in her tipsy state Kathie Lee made a lame joke about guys landing there basically announcing “incoming”).


What’s next with these two?  Since they went there, maybe they should do the right thing and instead of waxing poetic, just go wax.  Maybe that would be liberating for them and would definitely be better hygiene.  Better yet, perhaps they should just never “go there” again.

Who knows the answer?  I just know that I see Lucy, my waxer, often.  I have her number Hoda if you need it and even Kathie Lee might want to give it a try.  Spring is just a day away. It’s time to get rid of the heavy coats and layers and welcome the new season.

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