Hillary Full of It—Lived Like a Queen in the White House

June 9th, 2014

It is amazing what comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

The latest fantasy she’s talking about on her presidential campaign/book tour is that she and Bill were so poor in the White House days that they struggled.

Uh, no.  Since I worked at the White House I know how the president and first lady are treated, and it’s far closer to royalty than to one of the little people on who’s votes they rely.

First, they don’t pay for anything.  They could make zero dollars and still live like a king and queen.  Let’s see—they have their own chefs, maids, staff, protection, limos, Marine One, Air Force One, and that’s not all.

When they want to get away from it all, there’s Camp David and vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard or wherever else their hearts desire.  Is there anywhere on the globe Michelle Obama and daughters haven’t checked out yet?  Just wait. You can cover a good part of the globe in two years.

Everywhere they travel, it’s by motorcade so they need not be troubled with traffic. They couldn’t even accuse Chris Christie’s staff of slowing them down.

There are fancy state dinners with celebrities, corporate bigwigs, and really rich people.  During her White House run, Hillary had her choice of any designer to give her clothes and any stylist to do her hair.  She even had two offices since she insisted on having one in the West Wing.  Her East Wing office was beautiful complete with its own army of staff.

It’s really insulting that Hillary feels everyone is so stupid as to believe her fantasy stories.  And it’s not just the president who gets treated so well.  Cabinet members, senators, and congressmen are also pampered with being first in line wherever they want to go and being treated to nice dinners by lobbyists.  They even get to kick people out of the first class cabin on an airplane if they feel like it which is just what happened to Fox White House correspondent Ed Henry recently.

This is the DC culture.  These people are fortunate that they landed a position that gives them all these perks on the taxpayer’s dime.  They’d all be wise to just remain thankful and quiet when it comes to these sorts of things.

Not Hillary Clinton.  She acts like she knows what it’s like to struggle and be poor in DC.  It just goes to show how out of touch she is.

Memo to Hillary—No one feels sorry for a person making six figures and living in the White House.

Really, this attitude shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  This is the same woman who stood over the poor dead Americans as their bodies were being returned from the United States from Libya and dared say with a straight face that some crazy video caused their deaths. When questioned about how it all could have happened under her watch she was clearly irritated and shouted, “What difference does it make?”  I’m sure that’s exactly the same tone Marie Antoinette took when she said, “Let them eat cake!”

It’s this arrogant attitude that just might be her undoing.  When someone gets this arrogant, they just might lose their head (at least a couple of hundred years ago) or an election (which could happen in 2016).

And speaking of 2016, that’s a nice new luxury bus Hillary has there.  I doubt she’ll be riding on it.  Likely, she’ll just fly by private jet to the bus destination for photo ops.

Hopefully, before this is all over, Queen Hillary will fall off her throne and go away to her chalet in the mountains or penthouse in New York City instead of going back to that awful shabby White House she is complaining so much about now.