Hillary Clinton is 2016’s “Old White Rich Guy” and Rubio Would Beat Her

April 13th, 2015

Hillary Clinton is yesterday’s news already.  For all the hype, her big announcement is already all but forgotten. The tag line for her video is “Getting Started.”  Well, I’m getting started thinking about the next president of the United States.

And it won’t be Hillary Clinton.

But it might just be Senator Marco Rubio who makes his announcement this afternoon.

Now before you jump to conclusions, let me just make clear I’m not making an endorsement or anything like that.  I may do that in the future, but right now I’m trying to keep an open mind about all the Republican candidates.

Still, Marco Rubio is an intriguing possibility.  And you know what?  He could beat Hillary, and that’s particularly interesting.

Today’s announcement just feels so much more exciting than yesterday’s You Tube video.  While Hillary is now lost on some highway on her way to Iowa (granted we don’t know she’s lost—just no one seems to have seen her), Rubio’s announcement is taking center stage.

I know this is a big segue, but I’d like to offer this observation. By posting her announcement on Twitter and You Tube, she clearly wants to present herself as all young and cool and hip.  According to her video, she also wants to be the champion of the middle class.  So wouldn’t it stand to reason that it would be really smart of her campaign to encourage the Average Joes out there to snap photos of her Scooby van (or whatever she’s calling it) rolling down the highways of middle America into the heartland and posting them on Twitter?

But then when you think about it, the only picture any average person could possibly get is probably of the caravan of Secret Service vans protecting her.  Obviously, that’s not the image she’s trying to present here, but it illustrates the problem of someone old and very entitled trying to pass themselves off as youthful and just like the average American.

Everything about the Clinton/Rubio dual announcements illustrates the problem Hillary faces.

First, there is the timing.  Hillary picks Sunday afternoon.  Worse yet, she chooses an anniversary of some of the lowest points in the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.  It’s like she waited until after the staff cleared the brunch dishes to upload the video onto You Tube.

I mean, really?  Who makes a big announcement on Sunday?  If it’s the Pope, okay, I get it.  But Hillary Clinton running for president?  Hmm . . . Freud could have a field day with that one.

Contrast this with Marco Rubio.  Its Monday . . . the beginning of the week.  Time for a new beginning.  He’s the shiny good looking candidate (and Hispanic no less) from Florida.  Yeah, that works.  He has a beautiful wife and kids.  He also gave probably the best speech at the last convention.

He makes Hillary look like the grumpy old grandma.  He’s cool.  She’s not no matter how hard she tries to be.

It’s actually fun and exciting to imagine that the Republicans could be the ones with the young exciting candidate this time around. And while some people are already saying he hasn’t been in the Senate that long, he’s definitely been there longer than the last Senator to be elected president was before he ran for office.  Better yet, in his previous job (Speaker of the House in Florida), he actually participated (something that other Senator never did as a member of the Illinois legislature).

I admit I generally prefer a business person or a governor in theory as a presidential candidate.  I like the idea that the president is someone who actually ran a company or a state.  But Marco Rubio is special.  He’s Superman to Whistler’s Mother (with apologies to Mrs. Whistler). He’s an inspiring young role model while she’s tired and seems harsh and mean sometimes.

On top of everything else, she couldn’t even get her announcement right.  She was late with it in keeping with the old “Clinton time.”  In LA, people do this.  They show up late for everything somehow thinking that it makes them seem cool and important when actually it’s really just rude.  It demonstrates self-importance and entitlement.  And that pretty much sums up the Clintons.

Hillary thinks she’s entitled.  She can be late when she wants to be, delete emails at will, and ignore questions about Benghazi. She can do whatever she wants to do and then hire a bunch of professional media spinners to cast her in a certain light and then we’re all so stupid we’re supposed to buy the soap she’s selling.

In my book, she’s just a rich bitter old lady who feels she’s owed everything including the White House.  I think she should just take her private jets and run around the world for the Clinton Foundation collecting checks and cozying up to countries that hate us. Leave the presidency to someone else.

Like Marco Rubio.

He’s fresh and positive and offers an inspiring outlook for the future of this country.

Enough with Clinton, Kennedy, or even Bush, we need new blood and a fresh perspective in this country.  We need to keep the dynasty thing to 1980s reruns of the old Joan Collins show. (I’d love to play Alexis if there’s ever a Dynasty remake by the way).

What’s also nice about Rubio is that on top of everything else, he’s Hispanic which is an important demographic in any election, although in my opinion it ultimately should be all about the policy and not what box you check.

I’m sure the Democrats know Rubio would be a formidable candidate, and they’re probably scared to death about it.

They have the equivalent of the old rich white guy.  We have the young rock star who can bring an added bonus . . . Florida.

Marco Rubio for President.

Has a nice ring to it.

Run . . . Rubio. . . run!!!

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