Hillary Calls Monica a “Narcissistic Looney-Tune”—What a Hypocrite!

February 10th, 2014

Hot off the presses (or really out of the archives) are the Hillary Papers which offer tremendous and disturbing insight into the woman some hope will be our first female president.

What instantly becomes clear after reading just a sampling of these pages is confirmation that all the “HillaryGates” (and there are many of them) will provide a long and winding road full of personal land mines she’ll need to navigate if she has any hope of fulfilling her presidential aspirations.

One of the biggest to be revealed from the latest document release is the incredibly nasty things she said about Monica Lewinsky.  According to a close friend of the former First Lady, she chose to forgive Bill Clinton for his “indiscretions” since he tried to break it off and because Monica was a “narcissistic looney-tune.”  Oh yeah, she also evidently bought into Bill’s assertion that he really didn’t have sex with that woman . . . at least not in the “conventional” sense.  The fact that both the Clintons seem to believe this argument doesn’t say much for Yale Law School where they met and graduated.

While I don’t condone Monica Lewinsky’s behavior, I certainly wouldn’t just write her off as some lunatic.  It seems very wrong for a young White House intern to be called names by the president’s wife after the president engaged in a sexually inappropriate relationship with said intern.

I worked in the White House and part of my responsibilities included working with several White House interns.  My experience with these people is that they tend to be young and anxious.  Just like many seasoned veterans who enter the White House, these interns are immediately taken with the awe, grandeur, and power of the place.  Most handle it well, but even still it’s somewhat overpowering at times not to be swept up with the aura in the building.

So imagine having a crush on the president, the most powerful person in the White House if not on the planet.  Then imagine if the president gives you a wink and a nod.  That would be a lot to handle if it didn’t go any further.  But what if the president crossed that line and the crush turned into a sexual relationship? That would seem like an incredibly crummy thing for the president to do since he is extremely powerful and the intern is quite susceptible.

I’m not saying that Lewinsky should be treated like a total victim here, but frankly she was in the lion’s den.  Even though she ultimately made the choice to act the way she did, she never should have even had the opportunity to behave in that manner by the leader of the free world and in Clinton’s case, the leader of free love, as well.

The White House staff is amazingly small.  The workload is heavy and incredibly important.  Responsibility for the atmosphere in that tight environment ultimately belongs to the person in charge, namely the President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic looney-tune” says a lot about her. She lies about her husband and then covers for him being a predator of a young woman.

If Hillary wants to be our first female president, perhaps she should first start by not bashing a young woman in a difficult position.  Imagine if this had been a Republican president and a Senator Clinton stood in judgment. Do you have any doubt she’d be screaming from the top of the Capitol about the GOP’s war on women and calling for the president’s impeachment?

Before Hillary Clinton seriously considers another White House run, perhaps she should take a good hard look at herself.  To be the first woman elected president, she should well represent the interests of all women including young women put in incredibly difficult circumstances.  Her nasty comments about Monica Lewinsky cast serious doubt that she’s worthy of holding the honor of being our first female POTUS.