Heritage Foundation Panel Says Women Need to Marry to be Happy—Talk about Stepford Stupid

April 23rd, 2014

This blog is a bit late since a controversial Heritage Foundation panel discussing issues for Women’s History Month was, well, last month.  But I did a radio show with my friend Christopher Hahn who brought this to my attention, and we discussed it on his show, so I want to address it here.

Evidently, this panel shared their views on why it’s better for society for women to be married.  In fact, one of them even advised (albeit supposedly jokingly) for the audience to run out and get married.


What decade are we living in?  June Cleaver and Carol Brady are now exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution.  Besides, why are we engaged in outreach for the crowd that this message appeals to? We already have the 1950’s base.  Richie and Potsie are with us.

I get that they were talking about statistics and the socioeconomic effect of being single and poor, but honestly, all of that cuts both ways.  There are just as many statistics to support arguing that poorer single women would do better if they were married as there are that they are worse off when they end up divorcing the deadbeat guy they married because he beat them up all the time and honestly, it just wasn’t worth all the bruising to collect a second paycheck.

My message to these women?  Mind your own business.  And for the sake of the Republican Party quit being so tone deaf and stupid.

The fact is that there are many women out there like me who really don’t need to be married to be happy.  We want to do what we want when we want to, and we don’t want to be answering to anyone.  That’s our right and we’re perfectly happy.

Unfortunately, there are groups of Stepford Wives types, like this panel apparently, who feel free to judge us for these choices.  This group with their Mary Kay make-up and Talbots’ attire live in a bubble that may work in the suburbs but doesn’t resonate at all with the rest of America.

Here’s my take. If you’re happy being married, not working, sitting around eating bonbons all day, and waiting for the evening to roll around to make Hamburger Helper for the kids then have at it.  I totally support your right to make that choice.

At the same time, show some respect for the single career minded woman who just doesn’t want to be married.

With panels like this one, it’s no surprise that career minded young single women aren’t getting all jazzed to vote Republican.  Why would a young entrepreneur ever want to vote Republican after being dissed by a group of dour dames who may be just jealous or miserable?

The Heritage Foundation usually does great work, but this was just a bad joke that gives fodder to anti-GOP folks.

I think the message should just be this—celebrate women’s month by celebrating instead of judging.  Whether a woman chooses to be married with three kids or single with a dog then who cares?  Women in the Marines?  Hooyah!  Women in Congress? Cool.

But don’t expect that a panel of women saying that being married is better for society will resonate with anyone other than your own married circle of Bingo playing partners.

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    I think most people have no clue what makes them happy which is why they cheat so easily, get divorced so easily and get married so easily. Most of the married women I know are not happy. They might be happier having someone than being alone, but they’re miserable with the person they’re with and only staying out of fear of being alone. I think people in a healthy marriage are happier than most others but the real question is how many married people have a healthy relationship?